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Times are changing, and nowadays, most offices don’t impose super strict dress codes on their employees. In fact, many offices have implemented a more casual dress code that lets the company employees express their identity through clothing and accessories.

However, although we live in modern times, it is still impressive to dress properly for work. You might not be required to wear a suit and tie every day, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be making an effort in order to become successful.

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In this piece we will impart expert wisdom on how to dress more professionally for work, thereby impressing your colleagues and keeping yourself in a professional mindset too.

1. It’s all in the accessories.

When you want to impress people at work with your professional attire, accessories are the way to go. Anyone can wear a suit jacket and pressed pants, but it’s with your accessories that you can stand out from the crowd and make a great first impression.

Watches, like the Grand Seiko watches on WatchBox are a way to be impressive, without being flashy. Plus, wearing a watch, although everyone has a clock on their phone nowadays, makes the impression that you are organised and detail orientated.

Similarly, if you are a woman, wearing a pair of high quality earrings and a single statement necklace will make your regular professional attire pop!

2. Find the happy medium between individual expression and blending into the crowd.

Most modern companies want their employees to be themselves. Gone are the days when companies want their workers to be like boring drones, stoically working with no individuality. Nowadays, it’s all about being diverse, embracing all personalities, backgrounds and styles.

However, if you go too far in the other direction, you could come across as unprofessional. Just because your employer wants you to embrace who you are, it doesn’t mean you should be wearing your favourite beat up Crocs and khaki pants to the office!

Instead, you could don those khaki pants with some high quality sneakers and a well made t-shirt that still represents your style, without looking too homey. Dressing professionally in 2021 is all about finding the balance between being you, and representing your employer too.

3. Presentation is more important than price tags.

You might think that it’s impossible to dress professionally unless you have tonnes of money to throw at your outfits. This is absolutely false! The most important aspect of dressing professionally for your job is presentation.

If you have a clean and tidy appearance, with pressed clothing and a generally well put together look, you don’t need to be wearing designer clothes in order to look great. If you show up looking dishevelled, this will make your employers unimpressed – they won’t care about the labels if you look a mess!

Final Thoughts

Although professional attire has changed since the 20th Century, it is still crucial to look the part at work. Use our helpful professional clothing guide to update your wardrobe and look great when you next walk into the office.