With the recent global pandemic Covid-19 circulating the globe, businesses and consumers have had to change how they carry out their daily tasks and rethink how to carry out tasks and activities that they have been passionate about. Revamping ways to get and continue to be healthy has now become a fluid activity that is changing constantly in line with guidance being provided.  This rings especially true within the health, fitness, and nutrition industry with a lot of face to face contact being stopped and gyms being shut down. 

This has resulted in a lot of businesses having to adjust or reconsider how they do business and take inspiration from companies such as Beachbody fitness company whose business is driven purely online. With that in mind here are a variety of ways in which the health, fitness, and wellness industry can still have a thriving business with a little business plan revamp. 

Consider Your Business Model And Plan

This is still your business, although a few adjustments may need to be made to ensure your business continues to thrive and grow, it is your business and because of this it still needs to embody you, your values, and the ethos that your business stands for. So, before considering adaptations that can be made, it is important to remind yourself of you’ve values and what the aim of the business is to ensure this still shines through and still engages with your existing customers as well as allowing your business to grow.  

So, dig out your original business plan and schedule. Now is the time to review this and see what parts are still appropriate and which parts currently are not viable due to current restrictions. 

Once this has been carried out and a clear understanding has been gained, you can then start having a look at what adjustments can be made, but remember as restrictions continue to change, you may have to continue re-adjusting your plan in order to continue changing and adapting with current times. 

What Can Be Offered Digitally?

If meeting and having close contact is still challenging, or potentially your clients still have reservations about close contact, digital may be an option. Technology has advanced so much and with the option to use sites such as zoom or different facilities on social media and websites you will find that there is numerous way you can still continue and build a strong relationship with your clients. 

By going down a digital route you may find that options are now available for your business that previously were not considered such as the sale of pre-recorded workouts that can show the correct form with verbal guidance being provided to give your clients the confidence of knowing that are completing the steps correctly with the right form to receive the maximum results. If previously you focus on one to one guidance or in small groups this adaptation will allow you the choice to be able to help and support the masses. To offer a more personalized and tailored service you could also, offer the option to upgrade this include direct contact with yourself via a video call to watch their stance and positions correctly whilst be there to support them. 

Another option would be offering virtual live classes where your clients can partake in the session live with you and other clients of yours. 

It is also vital to consider when adapting the services that are on offer that you also review your pricing to reflect the new or altered services available. 

Change Your Marketing Plan

Once the first step has been taken and there is a new plan in place it is vital to get the word out about this. Especially if the changes you are making allow you the flexibility to expand the client basis and business further. You won’t be able to get your business going again or expanding unless people know about it. 

A great place to start with this is social media. Generally speaking, social media doesn’t necessarily cost you anything, unless you choose to pay and advertise on it more heavily. You get the word out there quickly you may choose to offer a promotional discount or run a competition for a free session for example, with s criteria that the most need to be shared. By doing this you will be able to extend your reach and benefit from more people being able to see you and what you are able to offer quickly. With any social media, it is important to ensure that you are keeping this engaging and posting on this regularly. This will really help show you and your brand off at its best and as people find your page it will allow them to connect with you and buy into who you are and what your business is all about. 

Again this is where you need to be realistic with what people are going to see and also considering your target audience. Where previously you may have advertised within a gym, with a lot of these being closed or having significantly reduced footfall walking through their doors, it is important to reconsider how to get the news to them. It may be reaching out to bloggers who write within your industry and getting them to advertise your services within the monthly email to their subscribers, or place an ad in a magazine. 

Be Flexible

With so much uncertainty as to what this will go back to what was previously ‘the normal’, it is important that you continue to follow the updates and continue to tweak the services offered as and when opportunities arise. This doesn’t necessarily mean that other, previously successful changes need to be ceased, but it is always good to continue to change and adapt. For example, being completely digital would work great when in full lockdown or with gyms and direct contact not being available. However, as restrictions are easing and people can start mixing again, whether this is indoor or outdoor, or groups can physically interact together, it is worth bringing these changes into the services available. For example, running a ‘boot camp’ style outside group workout could be an option, or something similar. This would then giving you the ability to work more directly with your clients, whilst maintaining and working under the guidance set out, and ensuring social distancing is still met. 

Communication Is Key

It is so important to ensure that communication is kept up to date and that you communicate in a timely fashion. Depending on the message you are looking to convey will carry some influence on how the message is being communicated. 

For example, when explaining that new services are available, you want to ensure this is being told to the masses and word is being spread about what you are offering. This is where using tools available such as social media and written outlets can be a great tool. However, alongside this, you may also want to contact your clients directly to make them aware of what you are offering. 

If however, circumstances change and services have to be ceased or stopped, for example, if a new lockdown is applied, it is key that you continue to communicate this to your clients and maintaining a healthy and strong relationship, and discuss what options are available to them with you going forward. This could be, for example, moving over and utilizing digital options or choosing the wait until the full services are re-opened. 

Continue To Update All Aspects Of Your Business Inline With Changes

Along with being flexible in making and adjusting your business, you also need to ensure that you are continually updating everything linked to your business to reflect this. You still need to be demonstrating that you are a professional and what is shown around your business is correct and kept up to date. You don’t want to be misleading your customers. 

This means that anything thing that lists your services needs to continually be updated as and when these are being changed, this is the same with pricing. If you have numerous sites and links that may fall under the radar, you may want to temporarily close the page or direct clients to contact you directly for queries. 

Being Organized Is Key

With all this to keep on top of, it is key to ensure that you are keeping yourself up to date with what is running and what clients you are working with. This will again support you with showing yourself and your business to be the professionals that you are and to continue to build trust with your clients. 

There is nothing worse than when a client is trying to enlist your services and business is unable to confirm appointments, does not communicate any changes to services available and leaves the client feeling disappointed when what is advertised is not available to them. Or when they are having to chase you for information and bookings.