If you love the easy-breezy look of bohemian fashion, you are not alone. Creating a boho-style vibe is fun, simple and incorporates several gorgeous designs, textures, fabrics, and embellishments. Our shopping pros have come up with the perfect list for styling your boho outfits in 2021. Prepare to be wowed!

1. Fab Fringe

Need we say more?

If you’re into fringe-like most boho enthusiasts, then a little of it can take your outfit very far, and it doesn’t take much.

Pick up a boho bag with a long fringe to accentuate your ensemble. It will add extra interest to your relaxed style and deliver a modern-chic effect. Stars like Taylor Swift, the Olsen twins, Paris Hilton, and many other stylish celebs have added fringe bags to complete a boho outfit.

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2. Terrific Tie-Dye

Another way to highlight your bohemian attitude is through beautiful tie-dye skirts, rompers, dresses, and kimonos found at a fantastic boho boutique clothing store.

Tie-dye is the ultimate, free-spirited design that looks chic on everyone and stalks about the stunning colors blended into these unique garments! A tie-dye top or bottom helps give a lovely, laidback look to clothing.

3. Chandeliers Or Hoops

An attractive, simple way to brand your boho vibe is through jewelry, and earrings are the best place to start. Look for chandelier-style earrings that show pretty beading or filigree metal.

Big hoops are another bohemian detail; just ask superstar Jennifer Lopez. When she wants to go the boho route, she wears jumbo hoops to make a statement.

4. Peasant Sleeves

You can also define your bohemian wardrobe in 2021 with some sexy sleeves. Anything with a peasant sleeve design or one with bell sleeves, puff sleeves, or volume is hotter than ever at the moment.

Something as simple as an exaggerated sleeve can create the cool hippie look you’re going for.

5. Tons Of Tiers

Details on clothing that feature tiers are another bohemian “it” factor. Tiered tops and maxi skirts, along with ruffles, make an outfit pop with style. Once again, the added fabric volume that flows with the body creates a boho attitude.

6. Glam Scarves/Wraps

Stars like Jessica Alba wear scarves and wraps all year long, and she seems to have a ton of them in soft, flowing fabrics, pretty colors, and patterns.

Wearing a scarf or wrap isn’t just for wintertime. Many delicate chiffon-like fabrics add bohemian elegance to your outfit. The material can be draped about your neck or shoulders.

7. Embellished Accessories

Another way to style your boho ensemble in 2021 is with a pair of pretty, embellished sandals. These colorful, crystal details can make sandals a striking part of your head-to-toe appearance.

You can often find these boho sandals as flats in thongs or with wedge heels. Iconic model Christie Brinkley is a fan of crystal-embellished sandals and has always rocked a beautiful boho vibe all her life.

8. Lovely Lace

Think about lace for a moment. It is such a timeless accent to clothing, and if you want to strike that elegant bohemian style, then be on the hunt for lace pieces.

You can also find tops with lace edging or collars that add exciting texture and femininity to clothing.

9. Comfy Kimonos

A kimono in tie-dye or floral design can enhance your boho outfit. It’s an instant game-changer and looks incredible with jeans, shorts, midi skirts, etc. Kimonos are very light in fabric and look fantastic all season long.

10. Straw Hat

To top it all off, a great-looking straw hat is so bohemian beautiful. There are tons of styles you can try on, from big floppy brims to Panama style and fedoras. Hats not only protect your hair and skin from the sun but also deliver a gorgeous accent to your look.

Boho outfits will never go out of style, and in 2021, boho chic’s hotter than ever. We think our top 10 list is a great place to start. Collect a few pieces, and watch how they transform an outfit!

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