Remodeling your home will be a challenging but exciting opportunity to upgrade the house and make it even more attractive and functional. As you plan the remodeling schedule and budget, don’t forget to include the services of several experts who may need to inspect, repair, and update areas that will be affected.


Have a licensed plumber check out your home’s water lines to make sure they are in good condition. The plumber should also ensure the water supply to the remodeled area will be adequate to a new addition or remodeled area. Bathroom remodels might need a new tub, shower, sink, or toilet. Since all of these involve plumbing, have an expert evaluate the work that will be needed and factor that into your renovation plans. The drains in the basement or garage should also be checked to ensure they are not going to back up anytime soon.


Most remodeling work will require assistance from a qualified electrician who can evaluate the current outlets and circuits as well as add new ones. Your home’s electricity is not something you should try to do yourself, as it can be intricate and potentially dangerous. If your home is older, you might need an updated electrical panel and 220 instead of 110 lines in some places. This is a good time to have light fixtures replaced as well as other electrical components in the remodeled area.


Expanding your living space by adding a room or refinishing the attic or basement means that you may need a bigger furnace or a second one. The same might apply to your central air conditioning. Schedule an inspection of your current system as well as the remodeled area for an expert opinion on what will be needed. A wood-burning fireplace may provide sufficient heat for a small addition or a covered patio. But to keep a new area adequately ventilated, you might need to change or supplement your HVAC equipment.


Remodeling one or more rooms may reveal aging windows with loose frames that should be replaced. Older windows lack the special features available in today’s models, like built-in blinds that are electronically maneuvered and shade features to reduce glare and heat from outside. Check your windows in the rooms to be renovated to see if they should be replaced.

Don’t overlook these important components of your remodeling plan. Just be sure everything is in good working order to accommodate the changes that will be made during your renovation.

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