bunch of flowers and book arranged on wooden table with vintage typewriter and camera

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Are you at the beginning of your professional career and wondering which path you should follow? Or have you been feeling as if it’s time for a career change, but you’re not quite sure what you would like to pursue next? Well, what many don’t know is that there are a lot of jobs out there that can offer some excitement in one’s life and give you something to look forward to each day. These jobs may not be of the average sort, but they are just as real as any other nine to five and are realistic options to consider. That said, here are some exciting jobs to look into.

Work at a Museum

This option is for the art enthusiasts and history buffs. Working at a museum is a gratifying job, and the best part about it is you are surrounded by beautiful and priceless artifacts every single day. There is never a dull moment when working at a museum, and there are a few positions to choose from when considering going in this direction. Heidi Schave explains there are an array of directions you can follow, from being part of the marketing staff who are in charge of organizing fundraisers to being a curator and even a conservator. Some job positions require more qualifications than others, but the fact is that you’ll be working in an environment few people get the chance to experience. You may even feel like never doing anything else again!

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Food Stylist

Have you ever watched a tummy rumbling commercial featuring the most good-looking food you’ve ever seen? Well, food doesn’t usually just look like that – they have food stylists that know just what to do in order for it to look mouth-wateringly yummy. Food stylists use numerous techniques to make food look much more attractive on camera and are very high in demand. Think about it; each and every restaurant or food franchise needs a food stylist every time they want to shoot a commercial, meaning there are more than enough job opportunities out there should you consider pursuing this career path. If you like doing something a little different each day and love food in general, this is definitely something you should think about!


This job may sound a bit more normal, but not many people actually ever try making a career out of their writing. Writing can open a lot of doors for you and is a way you can express yourself creatively while earning a living. There are also a few directions writing can take you in, whether it be freelance writing or writing short stories. 

These are just some of the hundreds of interesting job directions you can consider looking at. The point is that you have to follow your passion, and there are many ways you can incorporate the things you love into a job that earns you an income. After all, if you get to do what you love, it won’t ever feel as if you’re actually working!