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A baby shower is a great way to bless and to show your care for a mother that you know in your life. The shower can be fun and can lead to the mother receiving so many things that she needs for her new baby or for the nursery without having to stress about it herself. It is so important to make sure that any baby shower allows for the parents of the child to feel appreciated and that the guests have fun at it. For those reasons, below you will find a compiled list of five fun ideas for the next baby shower that you are planning.

1. Have a Photo Booth

The first tip for the next baby shower you have coming up is to offer a photo booth. A photo booth is a perfect activity that allows the guests to take photos with the mother-to-be so that they each have memories to cherish in the future. It can also allow for the perfect opportunity for everyone to bond together and to let loose and have fun with the variety of props and backdrops that are available. Plus, you can get photo booth props for baby showers that match the theme or that have personalized sayings on them.

2. Pamper the Mother

A baby shower should really be all about the mother-to-be, so what better way to make that a reality than to pamper her. Have the baby shower at a spa where guests can combine the cost of a massage or a facial. Make sure that every girl has the opportunity to relax and unwind at the spa with the mother though, so be sure to book a lot of appointment slots. Afterward, you can move the party to someone’s home to open gifts or even to a local coffee shop or dessert shop.

3. Make Crafts

It may sound corny at first, but making crafts can be so fun for a baby shower, and everyone can participate. You can purchase plain white onesies that each guest can tie-dye for instance, and these can even become gifts for the new baby that is coming. If you do not want to do anything this difficult, you can purchase wooden hangers for the baby closet that can be painted by the guests. You could even make headbands from fake flowers and elastic if the baby will be a girl, putting your own unique twist on the accessory.

4. Make Books a Priority

It is so important for reading to be a priority for any new child. What mother also does not love the idea of reading to their child at bedtime every night to create a special one and to experience the emotion of the story together. Have your guests consider bringing a book instead of a card for the shower, where they can even write a personalized note on the inside cover of the book. The book will become a treasured gift for years to come, and the mother can always remember the special person in their life through the note.

5. Have Brunch

For the upcoming baby shower that you are planning, consider having it at brunch. You can ask the guests to dress up in their favorite sundresses to really offer a fancy affair that will benefit everyone. Offer an array of dishes and consider a bagel or parfait bar, for instance, in which guests can create their own bagels or parfait with any topping they like. You can even serve mocktails or virgin mimosas so that the upcoming mother can enjoy a drink with everyone without the alcohol.

Final Thoughts

A baby shower should not be boring, and should not be something that guests dread coming to. You want your guests to come so that the mother knows how many people are in her corner and want to help her with the new path that she is entering. Make the baby shower run by considering a photo booth or even by going to a spa instead of a traditional event space. You can also serve brunch rather than having the shower in the afternoon and can make crafts rather than playing the tacky games associated with baby showers.