If you have bugs in your basement, you’re not alone. There are bugs in it. That’s the way it is. Insects love dark places, and your basement is a dark lonely place, and that makes it an ideal home for bugs. The good news is that practically all of the bugs in your home are harmless. There may be a spider or two you should be concerned with, but most insects go about their lives without your even noticing.

Still, if you seem to be infested with bugs, you do want to have it checked out, and it may be time to call in a professional exterminator. This article will help you determine which insects you have and whether you should be concerned with it.

The Brown Recluse Spider

If you find a brown recluse spider in your basement, then you want to be wary. These spiders are not only ugly but also poisonous. To prevent spiders from making their way into the house, you can typically work with a pest control company to spray the dark corners of your house where bugs like to hide. Many of these companies offer sprays that are safe for children and pets, using natural compounds from plants that repel bugs. The best way to get rid of the brown recluse spider is just sat a sticky trap to catch it. Of course. You may also capture other bugs with your sticky trap.


Centipedes can undoubtedly be scary because they have lots of legs and they are poisonous, some more than others. But centipedes in the basement doesn’t mean you are going to get bitten, not unless you bother it. Still, if centipedes are taking over, then you might want to call in the exterminator to take care of the problem.


Rarely will you see this tiny slippery insect, although it makes its home in almost every home? It hangs out and drains and dark corners. They are ugly but generally won’t harm you. These insects can also be hard to kill and typically require professionals to properly eradicate. Professionals like the Skeeter Beater can help you make a pest control plan to include all major pests including the common silverfish.


Earwigs are entirely harmless. They may look dangerous, but they don’t have enough control over their pincers to do anything with them. Earwigs usually like hanging out in the garden in the summer. If they’re in your home, it’s because it is cold outside. The best way to prevent them is to make sure that you don’t have areas right next to your home for them to live, such as bushes alongside your foundation or window gardens. Keep your window wells clean and keep overgrowth far from the home.


This bug causes a big problem in your home. They live in colonies and can damage the entire home if they get into the framework. Their favorite food is wood, and as they eat, they leave humidity that can continue to destroy the home. So if you see them, don’t hesitate and call your Exterminator.

If bugs are just not your thing and you don’t want to see them in your basement, it may be time to call in the exterminator. The truth is, no one likes bugs in the kitchen, and if they’re in the basement, they’ll soon be up in the house. To avoid having bugs in the house in the future, set up regular appointments to have an exterminator come in and spray the home for those pesky insects.