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Everyone wants to believe that they are a good driver. Of course they do: they passed their driving test, and they want to be celebrated for being safe on the road and driving well. If you are out there on the road right now, there is every chance that you believe that there is no better driver out there than you – and you’d likely be wrong!

Sorry to say it, but most people slip into bad habits when they are driving, from believing that the Ultimate Guide on Getting Out of a DUI is a Bible for them, to drinking before they get into the car with friends – yes, it happens. Driving is a privilege. You are being trusted by the transport division of your local town or state that you can be on the road and are safe enough to be given a license. If you don’t respect this, then you are a problem on the road and not a safe driver at all. Understanding how to drive is one thing but do you understand how to know that your driving is really not up to scratch at all? Below, we’ve put together nine signs that your driving is really poor and not up to scratch – once you know, you can make changes!

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  1. You don’t park neatly, at all. This one is simply just bad manners. While you can feel like a king or queen on the road, you’re not and there is room for all to be there comfortably. You should have learned how to park properly when you were doing your driving lessons, but if you learned and then didn’t take any of the lessons on board, you’re going to be the cause of a few furious motorists out there! Don’t annoy people and don’t have your car plastered all over social media pages for rubbish drivers. Remember that parking within the lines means that you are giving space to others, too.
  2. You’re riding that clutch hard. For the most part, cars today are automatic. The few that are out there in a manual capacity are fewer than ever these days and yet, you are driving one! If you’re keeping your foot on the clutch all the time, this is known as riding it. You need to get that foot off the clutch unless you’re changing gears. If you’re not changing, you’re going to wear out the clutch and the gearbox far sooner than you think! Get off it – you don’t need to ride it!
  3. You brake too harshly. We all hate being on a bus or in a taxi where the driver really favors the brakes. There’s no need to throw your passengers through the window: stop slowly and carefully instead. 
  4. You’re keeping your hand on the gearstick. Oh, now, you really don’t need to keep your hand there! You need to have fast reactions when you are driving and if your hands are off the wheel and on the gearstick, you’re going to find that your reactions in your driving are slower – which is really not ideal!
  5. You stop when you don’t need to. As a driver, you have to be 100% observant to what’s happening on the road. If you are constantly stopping when you don’t need to, you’ll find that you are the kind of driver that isn’t paying attention. You will then be wasting fuel when you constantly stop and you’ll also be wearing down your brake pads unnecessarily. 
  6. You low-ride the steering wheel. Are you the driver that holds the bottom of the wheel when you drive? Yeah, let’s not do that! You aren’t in a position to show off to anyone and if you want to show off to passengers, show off how safe you are instead. The hand position – as you know – is the quarter to three position. This gives you greater control over the wheel, which is what you need.
  7. Tailgating is your passion. No one likes a driver that kisses the trunk of their car. Back off and keep more than a car length between you and other people. Don’t be that driver that gets in the face of everyone else.
  8. You spend more time changing the music. Distractions are not what you need as a driver. You need peace and quiet to drive and concentrate properly. Let go of a rowdy passenger seat and make sure that your friends are quiet.
  9. You refuse to improve. Lastly, a big sign you’re a rubbish driver is that you refuse to do better and learn from your mistakes.