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Gifts are commonly given around the winter holidays, for birthdays, and for a variety of other holidays and reasons throughout one’s life. Most often, you may associate giving a gift to your children when they are young like a toy or like a new outfit that they have been dreaming about. You can still give meaningful outfits to your adult children too though that they are sure to appreciate for years to come. Continue reading below to consider five of the best ideas for meaningful gifts that you can purchase for your adult children, no matter the occasion or the individual.


You have raised your children, so you probably know what types of things they do for fun and what music they enjoy. If you want to gift your children something that can be an experience and something that you can do together, consider a ticket. Purchase the best seats you can find at a concert that you know your children would love to go to or at the Broadway play they love. Consider purchasing seats at a sporting event to enjoy together or even tickets for a special event like a festival or at an amusement park.

Retirement Funds

This may sound so boring when you first think about it, but you can gift your children retirement funds. You can set up a retirement account in their name if they do not have one already so that they can have the money they need when they get old. This gift will literally last your children throughout the rest of their lives, so they are sure to get emotional when they have learned what you have done. Even if you only put a small amount down, that amount will grow interest over time to give even more money in the end.

Family Recipes

If your children enjoy cooking or enjoy helping you cook around the holidays, consider gifting them some family recipes. You can even give the recipes with a couple of meals that have been pre-cooked so that all your children have to do is heat them up. Your children will appreciate the thoughtfulness of receiving something that has been literally passed down for generations. They can also have a taste of home when they are missing you being with them, no matter where they live in the world.


Jewelry may be more meaningful if you have daughters in your life, though some men also enjoy a nice watch or a nice chain necklace that they can wear when dressing up. Consider a piece that utilizes lab grown diamonds for something that is truly out of this world that your children will love more than anything. They will be absolutely amazed by the sparkle and by the uniqueness of the piece that they are given that has these diamonds in it. You could also consider a piece that has their birthstone or their favorite gem in it for something that is personalized to them as a person.


Chances are that you probably have something that you inherited from your grandparents or from your own parents. Many parents add these special items to their wills so that each child knows what they are receiving after you have died, which helps them in the mourning process. If you want to do something extra special for your children though, consider gifting them those family heirlooms now so that you can cherish them together. Your child will probably be full of surprise when they open the gift and see that antique piece of jewelry or that special photograph, for instance, that you have been holding to for years.

It can be difficult to think of the perfect gift for your child no matter what age he or she is. You want that gift to be meaningful, and you want your child to appreciate it. Those gift ideas found in the list above are sure to meet both of these criteria and are sure to leave your children so thankful. Consider your own budget and your child’s interests, and determine which of these gift ideas will work best for you and your family.