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If there’s one part of a room that most often goes underlooked when it comes to styling, then it’s going to be the windows. Windows tend to get changed and styled much less frequently because it’s easy to make the assumption that there’s not really much to be done with them in the first place. However, here we’re going to look at how you can empower your windows to do so much more for your room and just a few of the ways you can style them.

A shade for each season

If you only have one set of window dressings to go on your window throughout the entire year, then you might be missing on what the right natural light can do for your home. Curtains can be great for winter and fall when there isn’t as much natural light to take advantage of and soft furnishings can really up the comfy factor of the room. However, during the lighter months of the year, you should take down those curtains and instead let blackout blinds do all the work for you. They can both let in a lot more light but also offer more control to shut it out when you want to keep the room cool or private.

Balancing privacy and light

Depending on factors such as where it is and what size it is, you might want to make sure that you’re choosing windows that can offer you privacy first and foremost. For instance, the bathroom is not somewhere you want a lot of people looking in. However, even the front hall or living room can feel a little bare if there’s nothing but a large sheet of transparent glass keeping people from peering in. Instead of relying entirely on window dressings to cover the window, you can instead look at tips on using DIY faux stained glass and frosted panes. These can allow the light into the home and even add a little color while doing so, without exposing the interior to the outside world.

The dressing fixtures matter as well

There is an almost architectural quality to curtain rods and things like shutters that simply aren’t found in most of the decor choices you find in the home. These fixtures feel much more permanent, in part because they’re often made of more resilient materials like hardwood or metal. It’s important to choose them carefully, selecting the style that best fits the fixtures of the rest of the home, and these tips for buying double curtain rods can make sure that they dress your window in the best way possible. These fixtures tend to get changed far less often than other parts of window dressing, so it’s good to fit them to the architectural style of the home rather than the decor look you’re going for at this moment.

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Don’t miss the opportunity that your windowsill offers

A lot of people refrain from using their windowsills at all because they focus so much on the dressings that there wouldn’t be space to keep anything on the sill. However, if you’re only using something simple like blinds or even deciding against window dressing for that window in particular, you can make great use of a windowsill. Perhaps the easiest addition is the choice of a simple, low-maintenance houseplant that can benefit from being right by the sunlight. However, if you want to really match the windows to the rest of the room or even turn it into something of a focal point, you can also create vignettes for the windowsill with all manner of small decor items.

What about the exterior?

Most of the options we have talked about here have been suited to the interior of the window, placed mainly for the benefit of the people inside the home. However, the windows are the eyes of the home, meaning that a lot can be done to make them more attractive from the exterior, as well. For instance, window boxes on the exterior can be a great place to put planters, especially for plants that are too high-maintenance to keep indoors. Otherwise, shutters can work fantastically, especially with old-school wood facades, adding a sense of coziness and an additional privacy option to the home.

Don’t neglect window styling when you’re looking at redecorating a room. Windows can add privacy, life, light, color, and so much more to a room. You just have to make the right choices in how you empower them to do so.