diverse colleagues sitting at table with laptop and discussing project in workspace

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You are an independent person. You pride yourself in taking care of all of your responsibilities by yourself. If you run into a problem, you find a solution. Unfortunately, there will come a time in life when you are going to need to reach out for expert help, whether you have car trouble or an illness. The same holds true when it comes to some matters that involve the law or regulations. Here are some tips for when it’s time to hire legal assistance.

You’re Being Treated Unfairly at Work

There are many issues at work you can handle on your own. For example, you can talk to your employer if you feel uncomfortable about a co-worker, you don’t feel your workspace is fitting your needs, or you need accommodations due to a health condition. If your employer fails to cooperate with you or treats you unfairly, you need to take further steps. You can turn to someone who is above your employer. However, your efforts may not be enough. If you are facing major difficulties at work, such as discrimination or harassment, it’s time to call an attorney. You are protected under state and federal laws in the workplace. These laws cover disabilities, termination without just cause, sexual harassment, and discrimination. Don’t be afraid to take action to fight for your rights.

Your Marriage is Falling Apart

Divorce is one of the most common reasons anyone hires an attorney. It is especially important that you have the assistance of a law firm, legal clerk, and all the resources at their disposal, when you have a complicated divorce. If you have many assets, children are involved, or your spouse has been caught in infidelities, you need intervention from an expert. Your lawyer will be your mediator, acting on your behalf to protect your best interests. It will also allow you to put space between you and your spouse at a difficult time.

You’ve Been Involved in a Car Accident with Another Driver

Any time you are in an automobile accident involving another party, it is wise to bring in legal support. This especially holds true if there have been injuries on either side. If you were the victim, you want to have the best settlement possible to take care of your medical bills, rehabilitation, and vehicle repairs. If you were at fault, you want to protect yourself from damages. Your lawyer will work with insurance companies and the other driver’s lawyer to improve your outcome.

You’ve lost your driving license due to motoring violations

Millions of people drive every day. Many of us are heavily reliant on cars to get around and commute to work. Driving offenses are relatively common and they can have devastating implications. Breaking the rules can result in a criminal record and mean that you lose your license. If your license has been suspended following DUI charges, for example, you will need to seek legal advice to help you navigate the processes that follow your arrest. If you are thinking about applying for a hardship license, you’ll need experts in your corner to increase your chances of a positive outcome. In exceptional circumstances, it may be possible to continue driving legally.

A Lawsuit Has Been Filed Against You

This is the day and age when people file lawsuits against others for minor and major incidents. You never know when you might get caught up in some trouble. It’s always best to turn to professionals to fight your case. Your lawyer will gather documentation, conduct interviews, and discuss matters with opposing attorneys and the law clerk to seek a reasonable solution.

You are a Personal Injury Victim

If you have been injured due to negligence or on purpose by another, the law is on your side. However, you don’t know the system. You may not be well enough to fight for your cause. You are likely to have medical expenses. Your injury may put you out of work. Your attorney will seek a settlement that covers your expenses. In some cases, criminal charges may be filed against the person or company who hurt you.

You Need to Deal with a Loved One’s Estate

When a loved one dies, you may be in charge of their estate. They will have assets and belongings that need to be dispersed. Funeral expenses will need to be handled. Your attorney will help you to distribute everything fairly, take care of bills, and find out what actions you need to take next.

Your independence is commendable. However, don’t be afraid to turn to a lawyer when you feel like you are in over your head. It’s a great relief when you can put matters into the hands of someone you trust to fight your battle for you. Sometimes, you have to pass the torch to someone who understands the law inside and out.