Road trips have become one of the family adventures. You want to make it enjoyable, comfortable, and most memorable. Therefore, you do not want to get it wrong when preparing for your family road trip. As a family, you should be mindful of the family members and their ages as this will greatly affect the duration and the route which will in turn influence the things you carry. What you carry or do not carry has the greatest contribution to your experience during a road trip.

For you to easily remember and pack things appropriately, it is good to categorize your stuff. Here are the most essential things that you need to make your experience memorable, both for you and your kids

1. Pharmaceutical Commodities

If you are going to spending the evening or the night outside in a mosquito zone, it is paramount to carry mosquito repellent. Basic painkillers are very essential. You should not forget to carry the syrup for your kids. If you going to walk through the sun, having a sunscreen lotion is very safe for you. the most advised lotion is the SPF50. Iodine solution or alcohol is important for disinfection and sensitization.

2. First Aid Kit

Your first aid kit should contain the basic components. Ensure you have adhesive and crepe bandages, and plasters. Tweezers can also be of help. Ensure you have gloves. Ice spray is multipurpose and can help you in case you get bruising, tendon injury, dislocation, muscles strain among others.

3. Camera, Proper Camera Bag, and Tripod Stand

You want to capture every moment to make it as memorable as possible. Getting a good camera will give you quality photos and videos than your smartphone. For portability and convenience, you need a camera strap. A boho-style crochet strap will give you maximum comfort. having a tripod stand will serve when you need to be more stable or deep-focused photos.

4. Electronics and Power Backup

The type of power backup will depend on your devices. If you are carrying your smartphone, tablet, and Bluetooth speaker, you just need a power bank. If you are carrying a bigger radio, you may need a bigger battery. Apart from the smartphone, a tablet will serve you better for watch movies and playing games. Therefore, ensure they are packed with the right movies and games. Do not forget to carry your earphone so that you can retract to yourself when there is a need. if you are a fan of books, you will need an e-book.

5. Food and Drinks

Avoid foods that are greasy, too much sugar, caffeine, and high in salt. They might cause bloating. Everyone must have their preferred foods packed in enough quantities. If possible, each person can have their boho backpacks for carrying snacks. Crispy fruits are always the priority. Water is key on the list. Yogurt is also good. You should get enough juice. If your trip is short, homemade juice can do.

6. Fruit and Veggies

Bananas, apples, and grapes are easy to carry. Celery and carrot sticks are good veggies to carry. Other foods are smoked salmon, low sugar biscuits, and sandwiches.

7. Special Consideration for Kids

Kids are affected by motion sickness; thus, you need a sickness bag. Your kids should have coloring books, pens, and games to distract them. It is easy to have all these items put together in a Colorful Bohemian Backpack. This will be exciting for kids. If your baby is carried around, you do not forget a stroller.

This is just a summary of a road trip list. It is not an exhaustive list of all the things that you need for a road trip. They are what is most important to make your trip most memorable. Be sure to pack early enough. This gives you an enjoyable moment of preparation for the trip. Make the trip more fun. Avoid boredom, capture every moment, smell every rose, make all stories.