Are you sick and tired of staring at the same old living room? How long has it been since you last took steps to freshen up your decor? If the answer is while Obama was in the Oval Office, it’s definitely time for a change. Here are 4 easy tips that you can adopt to give your living room a much-needed change of decor style.

1. Add Some Art to Your Living Room

One of the very best things that you can do to freshen up the decor of your living room will be to add some exciting new large wall art. This will be the key to giving your living room some much-needed pizzazz. It will also the best way for you to personalize your living room in a style that is uniquely and indisputably your very own.

You can choose between a wide variety of art styles to decorate your living room with. You can choose paintings, photo prints, silkscreens, wall hangings, and many more. The goal should be to decorate your walls in a manner that is consistent with the style found in the rest of your home. A bit of contrast is fine but matching matters.

The end result will be an exciting combination of images that go together to bring a fresh new sense of perspective to your home. You can use your wall art as your great chance to express your personal style and unique artistic vision. If done right, the art on your walls will add appeal – and maybe even some resale value – to your home.

2. Give Your Room a Fresh Coat of Paint

How long has it been since you painted your living room? If it still has the same coat of paint from when you first bought it, it may be time to think about giving it a new look. This is a task that can be done on your own or by a professional house painter that you hire. The key is to find a tone that resonates with your personal sense of style.

3. Move the Furniture to a New Position

One of the best ways to shake up your living room decor is also one of the most cost-effective. In fact, it probably won’t cost you anything but a bit of exertion and sweat. You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars for new furniture to grace your room. All you need to do is move the stuff you already have around to a whole new position.

If it sounds too simple, it is. This is the beauty of the whole idea. You don’t have to buy new furniture to give your living room a fresh new look. All you really need is the gumption to say, “I’d rather have the couch face the west wall instead of the east.” From there, you can proceed to move the TV to the adjoining corner and so on.

Moving the furniture to new positions can reveal all sorts of possibilities that you never knew existed. All of a sudden, new spaces will open up. You can completely change the atmosphere of a room just by moving around its most essential elements. If it makes you feel like a home-style maven and impresses your friends, it’s worth it.

4. Get a New TV or Stereo System

Entertainment items, such as a stereo or TV, are items that need to be new to have any real value. While you’re moving your furniture around, you may as well take a long hard look at your entertainment complex. If it consists of elements that are out of style or no longer practical, you may as well put them out on the corner.

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Living Room

There is no excuse for a stale and boring living room. If it’s been far too long since you upgraded the decor, now is the time for you to get to work. The only limits will be the extent of your creative imagination and the size of your budget. These can be expanded far enough to allow you to give your living room a fresh and personal style.

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