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Have you recently invested in your roof and are now wondering how to maintain it? There are various ways that you can use to maintain your new or old roof. If you maintain your old roof, you will be lengthening its lifespan, and you will not need to replace it for years. Here are the best ways to maintain it and make it last as long as possible.

Clean the Gutters

Clogged gutters may ruin wet basement and siding paint. However, it is also possible for the overflow to go upward. With leaves deeply piling in your gutters, water may wick into your roof sheathing, causing it to rot. Fixing such damage may cost you some dollars, however cleaning your gutters each spring and fall will help you avoid it. Do it yourself, or hire a pro to do it for you.

Prune Overhanging Branches

Tree-trimming may seem a minor prevention measure, but it can help you keep moss and leaves off the roof. It will also keep them free from damage. Abrasion from tree branches and leaves touching your roof will, in the long run, damage shingles. Additionally, overhanging branches give the rodents and squirrels a way to your roof.

If they access, they will gnaw on the siding and the roof. To keep this pest away, ensure that you keep the branches ten feet from your roof. If maintaining such a distance won’t be possible, you can wrap the trunk using the metal bank to make it impossible for the pests to climb the tree.

Trimming branches that hang over the roof is a job for experts from companies such as Tillotson Enterprise Inc. Consider them to minimize damages and protect your roof.

Remove Leaves

If your roof is surrounded by medium or low landscaping, it will probably remain clear of leaves. Nevertheless, if the roof neighbors towering trees, leaves might probably pile near a chimney or the roof valleys. Where the leaves are not removed, they trap moisture and decompose with time, accumulating moisture in your roof.

For those with low-slope roof houses, you might be able to pull the leaves by yourself. With dry leaves, a leaf blower will help you perform this efficiently. However, regardless of who does this, they will have to do it from the rooftop.

Finally, maintaining your roof is very vital when it comes to increasing its lifespan. You will minimize the cost of installing a new roof. You can achieve this by cleaning the gutters, removing leaves, and pruning the overhanging branches.