Photo by Marianne from Pexels

If you’re ready to update your backyard as we come out of the pandemic, you may need more room to entertain or simply want to add some plants. No matter your eventual goals, there are many simple improvements you can make to build a yard that gives you more room to relax, garden, and play.

Consider Water Usage

If your area is arid, take a look at the plants currently in use. Do you still need a stretch of grass for the swing set, or have the kids outgrown it? If you’ve been watering and mowing a stretch of grass that only fills the space, consider replacing the grass with a groundcover, such as thyme, that will give you

  • great soil stability
  • seasonal flowers
  • a lovely aroma when you walk on it
  • an olive green base tone for visual interest

Add stepping stones for a path or go for a stroll on your thyme lawn when it’s fully established.

Use What You Have

If your yard already has some concrete features, consider bringing in someone to do some cleaning and brick or concrete repair in Fort Worth TX before making big changes. You may find that an existing walkway can be incorporated into a new design, it may just need some TLC to stand out.

For example, a pad around your pool that has grown grimy can be cleaned up and a new section poured as the base for a pergola or a firepit.

Cooling and Warming

If you can add a bit of shade with a pergola, consider also adding a water feature that will cool your family and guests. A misting system is an easy addition that will pump water through lines over your outdoor seating area and add just a touch of cool water to take the edge off during the hottest part of the day.

If you’re grilling or serving food, simply turn off the pump for a time until everyone has enjoyed their food, then pour some fresh beverages and turn the mister back on. For those who live in the south, the ability to stay cool in the shade in summer can turn your new backyard into the fourth room of your home, and a mister can greatly increase your comfort. Adding a pergola or a canopy over your patio is an ideal spot to hang your misting system.

A bit further from your home, consider adding a firepit. If you’re not sure about the location, you can find temporary firepits to serve until you can make a permanent decision. Once you have your location, consider adding a seating area around the firepit to gather on chilly nights.

Terracing to Reduce Runoff

If you have a lot of yard space and part of it significantly slopes, consider adding levels to your yard to make it easier to get around the space and put rainwater to better use. When adding terraced landscaping, consider ways to add lighting to the space. Railroad ties are an ideal choice for terracing; they’re stable and can hold back a lot of earth.

Look for solar lights you can add to the edge along your timbers before adding plants. At the edge of your yard, add a motion sensor light to improve visibility and warn off intruders. Incorporate multicolor hanging lights that will brighten your outdoor entertainment space.

Multi-Purpose Plants

Once you have your terraced landscaping structure installed, be sure to incorporate plants that will

  • draw in birds and butterflies
  • provide for the bees
  • feed you and your family

For those with a bit of room, cherry trees are a great addition and don’t need a lot of space. If you love birds, be ready to sacrifice some of the crops to them; the ripe cherries will draw a lot of birds.

If you can go a little taller, pear trees are another nice addition to the landscape and offer a lovely harvest in a fairly short time. Take care to monitor the ground around your pear trees as they ripen. The fallen fruit can become a haven for wasps and other pests.

No matter your current landscape, you can make improvements to the space that will allow you to use your backyard in a variety of ways. Take a look at what you already have, build a space that will allow you to gather and relax, and consider adding plants to beautify and nourish you and yours.