Having a career in law enforcement is a dream for many. While becoming a police officer is a common path for those that are in this industry, there are other careers to consider as well. There are six careers in law enforcement that should be considered as well.

Federal Agent

One type of law enforcement job that people should consider is to become a federal agent. A federal agent will work for the federal government and will focus on enforcing a variety of different laws. Some parts of the federal government to consider would include joining the FBI, CIA, IRS, SEC, or a variety of other organizations that are designed to protect the county and help to enforce different laws. There are frequently positions open for these agencies in offices that are located all over the world.

Corrections Officers

Another important job in the law enforcement industry is to become a corrections officer. A corrections officer is tasked with helping to ensure that all rules within a prison or jail are properly adhered to. Many corrections officers are onsite prison guards that can also help to ensure that all prisoners and employees of the prison are kept safe at all times. Others may provide additional oversight and consultation for entire prison systems to ensure they are meeting requirements set forth when it comes to safety and security measures.

Forensic Psychologist

Over the past couple of decades, studies of the human brain and continued to show links between violent or unethical behavioral and mental health conditions. Those that are looking for a career in law enforcement could consider going into forensic psychology. When you are in forensic psychology, you will spend the majority of time speaking with prisoners, convicts, witnesses, and suspects about certain crimes and other activities that have taken place. They will then use these discussions and assessments to help other law enforcement professionals solve these crimes.


Local, state, and federal law enforcement offices are large organizations with big budgets and plenty of employees. To ensure that they are run well, all of these organizations will need to hire people that can help to run them. Administrators that work for law enforcement departments can handle many of the behind-the-scenes parts that go into running any large organization, including law enforcement offices.

Fish and Game Warden

Fishing and hunting are two very popular outdoor activities that take place all over the country. As fishing and hunting too much of one species at a time can hurt the overall species and population of the animal or fish, there are rules and regulations in place regarding where and when you can hunt and fish. There are also rules surrounding the size of the animal or fish that you can hunt or keep. An individual that is responsible for enforcing these rules is a fish and game warden. These professionals will spend time speaking with active hunters and fisherman, checking what they have caught and ensuring that all local rules and regulations are being followed.

Private Security

Finally, while many law enforcement jobs are designed to work for a local, state, or federal government agency, there are private sector opportunities as well. One great option for this is to go into private security. A private security guard can be hired by a variety of businesses and individuals to protect a building or individual people.

While most people attribute a law enforcement career to being a police officer, there are other paths to consider as well. These are six examples of careers that someone could pursue if they want to be in law enforcement.