Cosplaying can make a serious dent in your budget, can be managed with thrift store pieces, or can be created with frugal choices in times of tight finances. The important thing is not how much money you invest, but rather how satisfied the result makes you. If you are new to the art of cosplaying, follow several simple hacks to achieve your perfect results.

The Five Piece Rule

This rule applies primarily to first-timers, those traveling with gear, or those with a more casual interest in the world of cosplay. It states that you should select a character with an ensemble that requires only three to five pieces to realize the look. This makes an outfit manageable and easy to create. The caveat to this rule is that you should follow your heart. If you are set on creating a complex character’s look and have the means to do so, by all means, assemble the pieces and don them with joy.

Record Your Showings

If you have ever wondered how cosplayers who pursue realism achieve a V-shaped jawline, the answer is medical grade tape. Begin at the cheek, placing the tape, holding it, and pulling it up to the crown of the head, where a wig will eventually cover it.

Look Your Best

Eyebrows can take a look; they can also break it when pursuing the perfect cosplay. Concealing your brows is a lot easier than you might think. Simply use a glue stick. Brush your brows, apply a layer of glue, and brush your eyebrows upward. Let them dry. Repeat if necessary until all the hairs are covered and flat. Then dab on the foundation until they have vanished. Now you can apply your character’s eyebrows for a more believable look. Accent those special cosplay contact lenses to make your eyes pop.

Proper Wig Maintenance

Preserve your wig with gentle care. Hang it up when you are done with it rather than letting it sit in a corner once the convention is done. Detangle it with a wig brush, using a clothing steamer for tricky parts.

Conceal Pockets

Cosplay outfits are not all about the look; a little convenience goes a long way when figuring out your game plan. Add hidden pockets to your costume, so you do not need to spoil the effect with a convention badge, purse, or makeup to touch up your outfit throughout the day.

Hairspray Goes Beyond Hair

While hairspray can be essential in getting your hair to behave for a cosplay look, it can do other things as well. Adding glitter or sequins can be dangerous at a convention; they tend to fall off all over the place. A quick hack for maintaining your sparkly look is to use a hairspray that is without perfume.

Stop Fraying Edges

Beyond losing your glitz throughout a day, you can also face fraying edges to your costume. Stop these with clear nail polish. Application of a coat of such nail polish stops fraying while offering continued flexibility upon drying. This hack even remains true through the wash.

Remove Stains Overnight

Sweat stains can ruin costumes, and convention halls have a reputation for being overheated places packed with humanity. You do not want to retire a costume after a single-use because of such stains. Use oxygen-powered soap, water, and a soak overnight to remove sweat stains. It is simple, affordable, and can keep your cosplay looking in top shape throughout the convention.

Ignore the Purchasing Stigma

For many years, there has been an undercurrent of judgment for cosplayers who purchase their outfits rather than personally crafting or assembling them. This is nonsense. With the Internet, costumes are much more readily come by than they used to be. If you lack the capacity for stitching your garments, by all means, find the pieces that suit you and purchase them. The important thing is the end look, not the hours of labor you invest.

Use Tutorials

The Internet is more than a source of costumes for cosplayers; it is also a rich resource for tutorials. Do not be shy about using the accumulated experience of cosplayers who have gone before you.

These ten tips will help the newest beginner get into their dream role like a champion cosplayer. With passion and some simple advice, anyone can get into character.

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