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If you’re planning to decorate a new home or redecorate your current home, you’ve landed in the right place. With so many big and potentially expensive purchases in your near future, it’s important that you not only do your research but also set and maintain a budget. Decorating a home can be a fun and cathartic process if you allow it to be. However, we know that for some people, committing to big-ticket items like furniture and fixtures can be stressful. Below we take a look at five easy ways to make decorating your home a breeze.

Area Rugs

One of our favorite ways to add flair to a room is by adding a pop with a good area rug. Not only will a carefully chosen area rug or runner add an accent to a room, but they are functional as well. Too much bare flooring can make a home feel cold; by adding an area rug, you bring a touch of warmth to a room. Area rugs are also a nice place to add dimension to a room with pops of color or textured finishes. If you’ve ever purchased an area rug before, you know how costly it can be. However, with so many competitors selling similar products, it is easy to find awesome area rugs for less with a little shopping around.

Upholstered Beds

There’s nothing like buttoning up the look of a bedroom than with a good-looking headboard. Today, upholstered beds are all the rage. They bring style, texture, and sophistication to any bedroom. Upholstered beds can be purchased in a wide variety of colors, although we lean towards the understated look of neutral palettes. 

Accent Chairs

Just like area rugs, accent chairs can add a touch of whimsy, color, texture, or even geometry to a room. A well-chosen accent chair can bring a space to life in a fun new way. Moreover, every room needs good seating. As such, accent chairs are both function and form. Be sure to select a chair or two that will make a comfortable, functional seating space, but also a chair that ties the scheme of the rest of the room together. Accent chairs are a smart way to offset the imbalance in a given space too. If the asymmetry of a furnished space bothers you, simply offset it with a carefully placed accent chair. Any reputable furniture store in Northwest Arkansas can certainly help you find the perfect accent chair for your space.


Another breezy way to newly decorate a space is with carefully selected lighting fixtures. Changing out a light fixture is a simple and effective way to both literally and figuratively brighten up any space. What’s more, is that light fixtures don’t have to cost a lot either. Whether your style is simple, modern, eccentric, or otherwise, there’s a light fixture calling your name somewhere in the world. Don’t be afraid to be creative with your selections because not only is a new light fixture a simple way to decorate a room, but it’s also a cost-effective way to add a new dimension to any living space.

Accent Pillows

One of the most breezy ways to spruce up any space is by freshening up your look with accent pillows. Redecorating does not have to mean buying all new pieces of furniture, it may just mean bringing new life to your existing furnishings. You can easily elevate the look of beds, accent chairs, window seats, benches, and sofas by simply adding new accent pillows. Use these pillows to marry the other design elements in your space. Pillows are a great place to add color and texture too.

Decorating your home doesn’t have to be a stressful process. It should be a fun time of renewed energy for your home. It’s a way to bring a fresh perspective and new aesthetic to any space in your home. Herein, we’ve taken a look at 5 simple ways to make decorating your home a breeze.

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