After her husband passed, your grandmother decided she wanted to stay in her home alone. No amount of pleading would help convince her to move to an assisted living facility. Now you worry constantly. What if Grandma falls? What if she forgets to take her medications or takes too many? Is she eating and bathing regularly?

Finding Peaceful Solutions 

If your loved one wants to stay home and needs to remain safe, there are easy solutions. Have family members go over daily to cook meals and maybe do a bit of cleaning for your loved one. In theory, this is a great idea. However, in the real world, family members have jobs and social engagements. Most adult children have families to care for and households to maintain. Many family members may also live far away. However, there is an easy and realistic solution to your problem – home healthcare.  

Utilizing Home Healthcare 

Home healthcare is simply a service that sends qualified individuals (home health aides) to your loved one’s home daily, weekly, or bi-weekly. These people are able to check on your family member in order to make sure everything is going well.  

Home health aides go into homes to perform a variety of services depending on what is needed. Cooking, help with activities of daily living (ADL’s), and simple cleaning are just part of what these individuals can do to make life easier and safer for your family member in need. 

For instance, if you are concerned that your aged parent is not eating properly, an HHA will go in and prepare meals for them. Then the aide will monitor how much they eat and drink. Afterward, the assistant will clean the kitchen and store the leftovers. An assistant could be vital to helping your loved one with shaving or bathing if they suffer from weak legs or Parkinson’s disease. Those with cognitive decline could use helpful reminders to take their medications on time. Home healthcare assistants can provide all of these services as well as others. Walking the dog, checking the mail, doing grocery shopping – any of these chores can be performed by a home health worker. 

 There are many places to find home healthcare services for your parents or grandparents. Many companies match individuals with caretakers. Some caretakers advertise their services in the papers or online. Before you hire someone, be sure to check out their references. Choosing the right professional is an important step to take in order to ensure that your family loved one is cared for.