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The signs that your relationship is in trouble can be subtle or obvious, but recognizing them won’t really help you fix the problem. In order to improve your relationship, you will have to know what caused the problems you and your partner are experiencing. Here are some common issues that affect couples throughout our society, and they may be the source of strain in your relationship.

A Loss of Physical Intimacy

After you have been in your current relationship for a significant amount of time, it’s natural to lose some of the passion that you felt in the beginning. This is a gradual process that you may not notice until you and your partner have settled into a rut or have stopped engaging in intimacy altogether. 

Romantic relationships rely on this type of involvement, so it’s up to each partner to look for ways to make physical intimacy more exciting for both of you. If you have difficulty stirring up the passion you once shared, consult a sexual therapist in Miami or look for self-help videos online. For some couples, a lack of intimacy is enough in itself to sabotage the relationship.

Money Troubles

Another very common problem that couples face comes from the stress of experiencing sudden or long-lasting money troubles. What may seem like a passing problem can have serious consequences for your relationship if it leads to feelings of mistrust or betrayal. Anytime a financial problem arises, you should discuss the issue openly with your partner. You can avoid trust issues and hurt feelings by arriving at a solution together. 

This is especially true for more significant financial concerns that may affect your lives well into the future. By working together, you can come up with a solution that can help you resolve the problem more efficiently.

Outside Influences

When you begin a relationship, you and your partner should come to an understanding about the boundaries you’ll place on family and friends. For example, some families engage in dry humor that may seem like cruel behavior to outsiders. If you have a thin-skinned partner, they may not be able to tolerate that type of humor. In that case, it will be up to you to advise your family to take it easy on your new partner. 

Alternatively, your partner’s friends may criticize you to them. It will be up to your partner to ask their friends to show more respect to you. If you and your partner don’t set these types of boundaries, outside influences can have adverse effects on your relationship with one another.

Different Life Goals

You should also make sure you and your partner are on the same page as far as knowing what you each want out of life. While you may be ready to settle down and start a family, those plans may interfere with your partner’s career goals. If your life plans are at odds, small disagreements may lead to larger conflicts. It can seem as though you’re trying to control or hold back your partner when that was never your true intention. The best way to avoid these types of miscommunications is to talk more openly about your dreams and goals. You may find that your life plans are incompatible, and that’s something you’ll want to discover sooner. Alternatively, you may find that your partner is willing to compromise and work with you on developing a plan that will allow you both to pursue your dreams.

Once you recognize the underlying source of conflict in your relationship, it will be necessary to address those issues with your partner. The best way to do this is to discuss your feelings with your partner and open the lines of communication. When your partner sees that you want to work on the relationship, they may also open themselves up to sharing their feelings. That will be the first step in strengthening your relationship.