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As tech continues to be a big deal in everyone’s life, there are bound to be a few issues here and there. Some issues can only be addressed with the right tech tips and tricks, which is why you’re here. The following are a few tips and tricks that can help a family.

Antivirus Software

One thing your family is going to need is antivirus software. As more is done online, the threat of attacks increases. Cyber attacks happen all the time. These attacks occur to steal information or put your privacy at risk. You don’t want that for anyone in your family, and you can fight that by making sure you have antivirus software for all computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Fighting Spam Text

At some point, you or someone in your family is going to get a spam text. These things are incredibly annoying and could be dangerous. Sometimes, the text comes with a link, and there’s no telling if that link is safe. On top of that, it makes you think you got a legitimate text only to find out it’s spam. You want to learn how to stop spam texts to give your family a little more peace. You could just block the number, or you can text 7726, which tells your carrier to investigate the number.

Monitoring Tools

The next thing you might want to have is a good monitoring tool. There are a number of options out there; you just have to choose one that works for you. Some software is easy to install and gives you access to your computer’s monitor, no matter where you are. You can see what your kids are doing, or you can make changes remotely if you need to. Making sure your kids know you’re always watching should make it easier to stay safe online.

Controllable Wireless Network

Another trick you can use as a parent is installing a controllable wireless network. This is a simple device you install on your router. It creates a network you can control however you want. You can block access to specific sites like social media platforms. You could also make sure no one has wi-fi access at certain times of the day. This encourages your kids to do their homework, and you can even stop kids from staying up at night and surfing the web for no reason.

Social Media Monitoring

There are several apps you can download that’ll help you monitor activity on popular social media platforms. Most kids are on there and share all sorts of stuff with their friends or family members. Sometimes, they talk to others, and sometimes, these people could be strangers. There are dangerous people online, so it’s important to monitor what your kids are doing there. These apps don’t invade their privacy but help you review photos and contacts to make sure your kids are staying safe.

Scheduling Apps

Scheduling can be challenging in a household but not anymore if you invest in a good scheduling app. Some apps will help your kids figure out how they’ll attack each school project. Other apps can help you figure out who is responsible for certain chores in your house. As a parent, you know how often kids fight about who’s turn it is to take out the trash or pick up the dishes. All those fights will be gone if you have a good app helping you keep track of everything.

Healthy Apps

Another type of app that’ll benefit your family is a health-focused one. Some help ensure that everyone is as active as possible. You could even use smart wearables to monitor everyone’s progress in this area. On top of that, you could also look for an app that helps you figure out what kind of foods you and your family should be eating. You can find out what kind of nutrients are in the food you purchase and much more.


You can download or purchase some of these tech-based tools that should benefit your family immediately or in the long run. Most of these are easy to obtain and don’t force you to change too much, which is good.