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It’s fair to say that COVID-19 has brought challenges for everyone. However, parents have been impacted in rather specific ways. It’s important to dissect the challenges that you could be facing right now as a parent and the steps that are available to you. 


Over the past year and the last few months, a lot of parents have been tackling the issue of homeschooling with their children. Some parents have had no choice but to take time off work to look after their kids and may have struggled to get their kids to engage with a home lesson plan. A question still remains about whether schools are safe for kids as well as the teachers who have to work there. According to lawyers like Naomi Soldon, teachers are of the mind that remote learning should continue until a vaccine is widespread. If this does happen, it will be essential to make sure parents get the full support that they need for remote learning. 

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Cost Concerns

A lot of parents are struggling right now with building costs. It’s fair to say that COVID has put a lot of people through the wringer when it comes to finances. The good news, if there is any, is that it now looks like things are back on the right track. However, there could still be financial challenges on the horizon. Now is the time when you should be thinking about setting up a side hustle or a second income. You might also want to consider being more frugal. There are lots of ways to save money at home. One example would be checking to see whether your energy provider is still giving you the best deal on the market. 

Helping Your Kids Understand

You might have also found it difficult to teach children what the coronavirus is and why you need to take extra measures to protect them. The best way to deal with this is by mentioning germs. Germ is a concept that children tend to understand because it’s what we use to teach them to wash their hands. This can be given as the reason why they need to wear masks or social distance. For younger children, you can also teach social distancing as a game using the markings that are displayed everywhere. 

No Vacations

There is still some debate about whether it will be safe to go on vacation with the kids this summer. If you’re not convinced that you’ll be able to head away this year, then consider exploring the option of a staycation. There are lots of fun activities that you can set up around the house for the kids like a slip and slide or an outdoor play area. 

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It’s clear then that parents are facing a lot of challenges with regards to COVID. The good news is that you can tackle a lot of these issues head-on. You just need to make sure that you have the right strategies and coping mechanisms in place. If you do this, you’ll easily make it over these hurdles.