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With the weather warming and days lengthening, spring is the perfect time to go out and handle some larger home improvement projects. With the risk of winter thunderstorms now gone, you should inspect your house for damages, carry out the required repairs, and prepare your house for summer.

Here are four vital inspections you should perform in the spring to give your old home the care it deserves.

Inspect Your Roof

Winter storms will cause a bit of a strain on your roofing. When spring comes, begin with a quick inspection of your roofing. Check for dislocated or missing shingles. Normally, you can examine the roof easily from the surface. If the roof is two stories high or steep, consider using binoculars. Protrusions, like vents or pipes, require an expert to reseal them.

Clean and Repair Gutters

After the frost has gone, it is vital that you clean and repair your gutters and downspouts. Blocked downspouts and gutters can make the wood trim on the attic decay and can attract all sorts of pests in your attic room.

Inspect Your Chimney

Check the flashing of your chimney and assess whether it’s deteriorating or peeling away. If so, you should hire a credible company to evaluate the flashing. Take time also to evaluate the chimney bricks. If they appear misplaced or loose, call a mason to handle the chimney issues.

Check Your Windows

Inspect your window’s weather stripping or caulking. If you notice peeling caulk or cracks, your window needs new caulking to stop air from escaping or getting in. You can do this yourself by buying the right products from the local hardware and apply the caulking. If you’re not confident, please contact an expert.

On top of the windows, you should also check the screen doors. Screens are intended to allow air in and keep pests out; however, they can perform their task when free from holes and tears. To ensure your screens are ready for the coming warm months, fix any tears or holes, regardless of how small.

Spring is the best time to perform home inspection and maintenance for your old home. After a long cold season, it can be impossible to spot any signs of winter damage to your house until the soil thaws and the atmosphere warms. A rigorous home inspection along with spring home improvement will help keep your household safe and manage future repairs.

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