photo of dogs on grass

Photo by Sebastian Coman Travel on Pexels

There are a great number of considerations to make before getting a dog, and an even greater number if you are thinking about getting two! One dog can be a handful all on its own, especially if you are planning to raise a puppy, but two dogs can double the time, effort and cost. That is why it is important to think about how two dogs will affect your lifestyle. 

Pros of Getting Two Dogs

  • Two dogs can be fantastic company for each other. If your dogs need to be alone for long hours, such as when you are at work, having two to keep each other company can help to prevent loneliness or boredom.
  • There is the potential to help more in-need dogs if you adopt two instead of one.
  • It is an extra loving companion for your family!
  • Extremely beneficial for each pet, as they can bond with the other, play with each other, for company, and to encourage them in all pursuits. 

Potential Cons of Getting Two Dogs

  • It can be very expensive if you are doubling all the necessary costs. It will be twice the amount of food and upkeep, as well as twice the risk for expensive medical bills down the line 
  • They will take up a lot more space. You will need extra room for an extra dog, which means it can be difficult if you have a small home
  • There is never any guarantee the dogs will get along. While it is likely that through good training and effort you can develop a positive relationship between the two, it could be a problem if they continually fight.
  • It is a lot more effort to walk them together, which can be a significant impact if you are not physically strong and you have to walk two dogs alone, holding both (especially when they want to go in opposite directions).

3 Tips for Introducing Two Dogs to Your Household

  1. Think About the Breed and Sex 

You may want two of the same breed or you may want to research which two breeds get along best. You should also think carefully about which sex of dog you would prefer; whether you would like two boys, two girls or a mix. You should always get your pets neutered to avoid increasing the number of unwanted puppies in the world – you may think you will be able to watch them all the time, but dogs always find a way to get out and about, particularly for the opposite sex! Reliable vet services like can arrange this for you. 

  1. Consider Two Older Dogs (Or One Older Dog and a Puppy)

Puppies can be enormous handfuls. It can be very difficult to try to train one puppy, let alone two at once. An extra puppy can also risk being a bad influence on the other and making them both even harder to handle. You may instead want to try for two adult dogs, or one adult dog already trained who can bond with the puppy, if you do want a puppy. 

  1. Get the Right Leash 

As a final tip: get the right leash for your dog and your needs! You can get many varieties of leashes perfect for walking two dogs at once, especially the kind that allows you to only hold one handle but attach the leash to both dogs together. This can be very helpful, if you are walking alone!