Everyone’s going to give newlyweds those tried and true gifts, but you want to stand out. The couple may know you well, and they know you have incredible taste. A unique gift may be expected of you. The following are 10 great, unique gifts to consider.

1. Hollow Book

One fun idea is a hollow book safe. Yes, it’s going to look like a regular book, but it’s going to have secrets inside that only the newlyweds will know about. There are many book titles out there, so choose something you know they’ve read or something you feel will be special.

2. Anniversary Wine Set

Another interesting gift is the anniversary wine set. This wine is stored in a box marked with the day the newlyweds said yes to each other. Sure, they won’t be able to drink the wine just yet, but that’s part of the charm. They’ll have something special when they celebrate their first anniversary.

3. Food Delivery

If you know the couple loves healthy meals, then why not gift them with a home meal delivery service. Now, it’s important to look for healthy meal delivery services and not just any food delivery service. These folks will curate meals for the couple according to their specifications.

4. Personalized Cookie Jars

Nothing says home more than the smell of cookies. One interesting and sweet gift is a personalized cookie jar. These cookie jars are ceramic and can be inscribed with the couple’s name. There are several companies online that do this for you, so make sure you order it early enough so that it gets to you on time for the wedding.

5. Personalized Painting

If you have a beautiful picture of the two getting married, then consider sending that image to a painter. Some painters are willing to do this for you and will create a wonderful painting for the couple. You want to make sure you see past work from the painter before you commission the artists. Be sure the artist’s style matches what you have in mind for the happy couple.

6. A Picnic Table

Maybe you can personalize a wooden picnic table for two. These small picnic tables can be folded up easily and carried anywhere. The couple will be going out on dates all the time, and every so often, they’ll go to the park or somewhere in nature where they’ll use a table like this. It’s an interesting gift that they’ll treasure.

7. Inflatable Kayak

The best gift for an adventurous couple might be the inflatable kayak. You can buy this online and some are big enough for two people; just choose a neutral color unless you want to be funny. These are great because they won’t take up much room when they’re stored, and they can be easily inflated when it’s time to use it.

8. Down Blanket

Those who live in cold regions know how important it is to stay warm. One of the best materials to keep you warm is down, so why not give the happy couple a pure down blanket. You’ll be surprised how much they’re going to love this gift, especially during the winter.

9. The Kinky Game

Okay, you have to know this couple well enough to give them something like this. Still, if you know they’ll appreciate something like this, then there are a lot of kinky newlywed games out there to give this couple. They’re designed to push boundaries and to get them to have fun. Just look for one that feels right.

10. Kombucha Starter Kit

You could just give them a kombucha starter kit. Yes, you can make this drink at home, and it’s not that hard with this kit. This is going to be a fun project for the newlywed, and they’ll get to create something delicious to share later. If you’ve seen the couple drinking a kombucha, then you know they’ll love to try to make their own together.

These are just some cool and unique gifts you can give the newlyweds. Of course, you know them best, so if you can think of something else, then go with that, but this will help guide you in the right direction.

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