An example of a pleasing gated yard.

A gated yard is more than a place to enter and exit your domain. It’s a fundamental component of the home’s exterior design. It keeps you safe and looks attractive to new and old visitors. There are many ways to improve the look of a gated yard.

Grow Plants

It’s often that you find vines growing on the walls of some homes. Plants provide an extra barrier that reduces the chances of an intrusion. Intruders will not want to climb through thick plants and then have to climb the walls or break into the gate. In addition, plants are attractive to any visitor who you allow onto your property.

Choose the Right Height

Consider the height of your fence and gate to ensure its security. A towering gate is impressive to look at and intimidating to intruders who are thinking of getting in easily. To make your yard safer, consider a gate or fence that is taller than anyone would expect in addition to being visually appealing.

Build With a Sturdy Material

A gated yard does not provide much protection with materials that are easy to break apart and climb through. The entire length of the fence and its gate must be made of one of the strongest, damage-resistant materials. Avoid building the fence from a thin wire, plastic or aluminum, and consider a pexco brand silver fence weave or similar. The material is not easy to break or bend, resists corrosion and provides some level of visibility of the front of your house. Another option is the use of strong wooden or concrete fences, but these options are more expensive and complicated to install in some yards.

Choose Metal Bars

Select the classic look of iron bars for the gate. Metal is the hardest material to bypass and appears intimidating to thieves and trespassers. Plus, metal gates have been installed in countless yards and are guaranteed to protect all kinds of homes.

Maintain Its Appearance

Clean your gate regularly with a pressure washer. Apply a new sealant each year, especially on wooden surfaces. Maintenance ensures that the gate remains strong, clean and long lasting.

The feeling of security is a necessity at home. A sturdy gated yard is an important feature to have, but if it’s the wrong design or material, it leaves loopholes that are easy for intruders to get past. Build a gated yard that provides the highest level of safety for your property.