One of the most exciting parts of starting each school year is getting new clothes and shoes. Kids love showing off their new outfits to classmates and neighborhood friends. If your family is tightening its budget, here are some low-cost ways to ensure your children have new clothes to wear when the school year begins.

Check Out a Thrift Shop

Thrift shops offer great deals on children’s clothing. You will pay a fraction of what you would pay for new clothes by purchasing items that are in nearly new condition. In addition, many thrift stores offer extra discounts like a color-coded discount each week or a loyal customer card that offers an added discount after you spend a certain amount of money at the shop. From casual wear to dress clothes, there is usually a wide selection of attire for babies and kids of all ages.

Browse Local Yard Sales

Yard sales, garage sales, and sometimes also estate sales can render quality children’s clothing at affordable prices. You can often find brand names as well as a range of styles to choose from that let you dress your child for school or play. Occasionally, you can negotiate the price by asking if that is the lowest amount of money the seller will take or if you buy multiple items together. It never hurts to ask.

Join a Kids’ Clothing Exchange

Some schools and churches organize a family clothing exchange primarily for school-age children. By donating a certain number of items, you are able to choose the same number of items in approximately a similar price range. As your child outgrows these clothes, they can be returned and swapped again for larger sizes. This is a great way to eliminate waste and reduce your back-to-school clothing costs.

Collect Discounts and Coupons

If you enjoy the thrill of the hunt, you can search online for coupons and sales events that let you save money at the kids’ clothing stores you prefer. The promotions work in various ways to attract buyers by offering bonus points, sale prices, and BOGO items.

Shop Wholesale

Visit online or in-store wholesale outlets for low prices on quality clothing brands for children. Right before school starts in August, many wholesalers run sales on back-to-school clothes and shoes. You can find great deals for kids’ seasonal clothes.

You don’t have to pay regular full price for your kids’ new school clothes. Check out options like these for lower costs on good brands.