The warm weather is a perfect time to soak up the sunlight and mingle with friends and family. While the cold of winter can feel overwhelming in the moment, it will someday pass. The frigid air fades away in exchange for warm weather, and you don’t miss it. Take those happy feelings and prepare your home for warm weather too. Washing and storing blankets, throws, and thick curtains is one thing you can do. Here are four more.

Prep Landscape Items

The landscape maintenance season is in effect. One, sweep the deck, patio, and porch. Two, clean, sharpen, and test out garden tools. Replace tools that wear out or break down. Three, dust and clean the ladder and hose. Four, clean patio and lawn furniture. Five, clean the grill brush and scrub the barbeque grill grates. Wash grill items like tongs and skewers, and clean the grill interior and exterior. Test the gas tank, burner, and meat thermometer for issues. Throw an outdoor party for your household once it is warm enough. That way you can reap the rewards of your hard work.

Contact an HVAC Contractor

While your air conditioning unit has laid dormant in the winter, it is possible that it has stopped working right. While you can change the air filter and test the unit yourself, an HVAC contractor is a better choice because the HVAC needs routine maintenance to run smoothly. A professional will also avoid the problems and mistakes that can come from DIY work. The heating and air conditioning contractor will inspect and test your unit thoroughly. If issues arise, the contractor will repair the unit. After the inspection and repair are complete, you’ll have confirmation the unit will operate at peak performance throughout the warmer months. Be sure to keep their number on hand in case anything else comes up.

Test Outdoor Plumbing

Most areas deal with snowy or icy winters, and the cold temperatures can freeze exterior pipes. Remove the insulating cover from outdoor faucets. Test outdoor faucets for malfunctions or damage. If no water comes out or it takes too long for a response, turn the faucet off immediately and contact a plumber. Inspect sprinkler heads on sprinkler systems for issues and look for pressure changes too. Inspect and test hoses for holes, tears, and clogs. Don’t forget to inspect the hot tub and swimming pool for damage and test both for issues. This can be some work, but you will be thankful later. Imagine needing the water or wanting to go for a swim, but being unable to because of some problem you couldn’t have foreseen. A little preparation can shield against a lot of disappointment.

Bug-Proof the Home

When warm weather comes, cockroaches, spiders, ants, crickets, flies, and other pests are through hibernating, and the temperature indicates to these unwanted bugs that it’s time to invade your home. Stop them from arriving by sealing up large and small holes and cracks throughout the house, including openings around plumbing, roofing, and electrical wiring. Contact an exterminator as a precaution. The exterminator will examine the home and landscape for problem areas and resolve all issues. They will consult you to help prevent bugs from entering your home in the future. Another way you can help is make your garden and yard pleasing to the bugs of your climate. Helping insects pollinate and relax will benefit your garden. While they cannot enter your home, you can build a harmonious relationship with them and the environment around you. They’ll also be less motivated to enter your home when the outdoors fully provide for them.

Don’t procrastinate until it is too hot in summer to prepare your home for warm weather. Doing a little prep ahead of time will save you time and stress. These steps are crucial toward combating unwanted pests, prepping the AC for humid weather, enjoying time outside in the weather, and preparing for the landscaping season. If you are proactive now, you can enjoy the warm weather later. While you plan for the warmer seasons, plan even further ahead! You can make a regular year schedule for the care of your home. This can be a tremendous way to enjoy and care for your house.