An example of a newly redorated home.

The secret of any good home design is to think outside of the box. Make living in the home more practical and efficient for everyone. Make the atmosphere warm and friendly to increase the comforts of guests. Focus on improving its visual appeal from the inside out. Review these 4 tips for redecorating your home.

Hallway Designs

The hallway is the first impression that people have about your home. Some people provide the most elaborate designs at the point of view where the front door opens and you look straight down the hall. Some people look into the home but never get past the hall. You want to impress anyone and everyone right when they step through the door.

Inviting Furniture

Design furniture in ways that are inviting to guests who enter the room and encourage them to sit down. Create an open entry point that makes it easy for someone to walk into the center of the room. Arrange the furniture tightly together so that everyone feels closer to each other.

Make it your goal to arrange furniture as conveniently as possible. Start by placing your coffee tables and stands at arm’s length. Avoid pushing furniture against the walls, and make it easier for your guests to have access to their belongings.

Pastel Paint Colors

Repaint the walls with light, bright colors that promote calm and relaxation in the home. Light colors simulate sunlight that brightens the room and brings a greater sense of optimism.

Instead of repainting the walls, it may be more practical to install type 1 wallpaper in medium to high traffic areas. This is a thick, protective covering that does not tear easily when people brush against the walls.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting comes from overhead light fixtures that disseminate light throughout the room. It can be functional lighting that provides bright, visible light in kitchens or bedrooms. As a decorative form, ambient lighting introduces cool lights into the room in various colors from blue to white. Warm ambient colors include red or golden lights that resemble the fireplace and produce feelings of warmth and security.

Anyone can become a creative decorator and transform the look of a house or apartment. It takes learning more about design and being open minded when it comes to using different styles and materials. Renovate any living space of yours simply by being smart about design.