You’ve planned out your renovations for months, and it’s finally just around the corner. Before you get too excited, you should think about the flow of your house. Here are some tips for helping you to get organized before you start that home renovation project.

Start With Identifying Items That Need to Be Moved

You should start your organization process by determining the job at hand. If you’re only renovating one area of your home, then you’ll obviously need to remove all the items from that one room. But, you’ll also want to think about the flow in and out of your home. If there is no outside door to the room being renovated, your contractors are going to need to be able to bring materials to the room. You may need to move items out of your hallway too.

Move Items Into Storage

If you’re planning a huge renovation project, you may want to think about your storage strategy. While you may have some spare room in the garage, you don’t want to be constantly walking around those items throughout the entire renovation. Instead, consider using a storage facility as a place to store items that you won’t immediately need while the renovation is underway. This saves you from taking up space in other areas of your home and ensures that your items stay safe throughout the entire renovation project.

Use Clear Plastic Containers

If you’re just doing a small renovation project, you may not need to rent a unit at a storage facility to hold your items. Keeping them in another room or the garage is always a viable option. However, you need to think this through. You’ll want to use clear plastic containers that allow you to easily see what is inside of them. This will cut down on the chaos and ensure that you’ll be able to find what you need quickly.

Put Your Valuables in a Secure Spot

Renovation projects usually mean lots of people in and out of your home. There’s likely going to be some banging as well. For these reasons, it’s a good idea to put all of your valuables in a secure location. For example, those priceless China dishes that are in the hallway cabinet may not hold up well to the banging caused by the renovation of the living room on the other side of the wall. Package up these delicate items and put them somewhere away from all the action where they will be safe.

Organizing your home before a renovation project is a must. Don’t wait until the project gets underway, as it will make it more chaotic than it needs to be. The above four tips are great ones to get you started on your organization journey.