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Each photograph is a preserved memory, a moment that you can look back on and experience again. Life has many moments, and for parents, it’s important to know when these moments are. The following are some events you want to photograph.

The Pregnancy

One thing you want to photograph is your kid in the womb. Okay, so you won’t be able to see your child during this stage, but it’s a beautiful moment you’ll want to remember. Your kids will want to see this stage in their lives. Pregnancy is a magical moment, and it should be recorded. Many photographers specialize in this kind of photography to make sure it’s tasteful and captures the miracle in all its glory. Check out a few photographers before choosing one. You can ask to see the professional’s portfolio to ensure he or she can do what you want.

Newborn Moment

Of course, you want to capture images of your baby when he or she is born. You want to hire an expert for these pictures as well. You can look for Austin newborn photography until you find someone who has great reviews and has enough experience. When it comes to this kind of photography, experience is key. Babies can be a little fussy, and that makes it harder to take a good picture, but an experienced photographer will know how to calm your baby down enough. Make sure you buy plenty of little outfits for your baby to look amazing in each picture.

First Day of School

Another stage in the lives of your kids you want to remember is the first day they go to school. It’s the beginning of their young lives. School represents a big part of a kid’s lives, so you should find the time to photograph it. This could be a fun shoot for your kids. They’ll dress up in their uniforms, and you’ll show them how important you believe this moment is. You don’t have to do the shoot on the day they’re going to school. You can do it before if you want since that day is already going to be busy, and feelings are going to be running pretty high.

Prom Date

That first time your child goes on a date is important. This is one of those moments you want to photograph. Go beyond just taking a picture yourself, and hire a professional who’ll capture the magic of the day. This is probably the first formal event your kid is ever going to go to, and they are going with someone they like. You need to give this day the importance it deserves because it is that important for your kid. Let your teen give you a little direction regarding the type of pictures you’ll end up taking of them.


Graduation is another big moment in your kid’s life that you have to photograph. You’ll get a few opportunities to get this done. Your kid is going to graduate from a few schools all the way up to college. Each of these are milestones for your kids. They worked hard to get to this point. They may work on many projects and assignments. Making sure you take professional photographs for each graduation lets your kids know that you do appreciate everything they’ve done.


You’re taking these pictures for yourself. This much is definitely true, but you’re also doing it for your kids and their kids. You’ll be surprised how interested they’ll be in seeing themselves when they were younger as they grow up and have their own kids.