If you operate a business where employees have a frequent need to travel then you will need to have an effective company travel program in place. If you do not have a system in place to organise your travel then you will undoubtedly be running at high levels of inefficiency. This is because your travel costs will be high, you will spend too long organising trips, and you will miss out on the best deals. Read on to discover the top ways to achieve a five-star travel program for your business. 

Take advantage of one of the travel management companies available

It is always recommended to take advantage of one of the travel management companies out there at the moment. They will be able to provide you with a single-source solution whereby you can search for the cheapest travel and accommodation deals, view all of your important data, create itineraries, and set up tracking and alerts. These companies have access to great deals and global knowledge and thus their input is imperative. Not only is this beneficial, but the savings they provide will prove to be invaluable for everything from saving costs on airfares to conferences and events to hotel costs. 

Factor in compliance 

One of the most important areas of consideration is compliance. If you manage your own fleet, for instance, then this is of huge importance. A digital tachograph by OPTAC is a wise investment to make sure you can make sure that all travel made under your company banner is compliant and in line with the law.

Consider how the money will be handled by your workforce when they are on a business trip

In addition to this, instead of carrying money abroad, you should encourage your employees to use a prepaid card. Most companies operate whereby the employee spends their own money and is reimbursed for what they have spent when they get back. However, this almost definitely leads to employees spending more than what they need to. A pre paid card provides greater visibility and gives you the opportunity to manage and control spending. Furthermore, you can cash on favourable exchange rates too. This is because you can load fees onto the card whenever you like and thus capitalise on a strong exchange. Not only this, but it is much safer in comparison to carrying cash and using traveller’s cheques. 

There is a lot to consider when putting together a travel policy, but it is vital

If you find a good company to provide you with an effective travel management program then you have already won half the battle. You can see everything in one place and thus you will be able to manage everything more effectively. Moreover, you need to determine the most effective way to carry and manage money whilst abroad, and this is undoubtedly with a prepaid card. Combine these two components and you have the basis for a successful company travel program.