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Building trust is essential in order to develop valuable client relationships. Consumers are much more likely to choose a brand they feel they can trust. This trust can come from referrals and recommendations, but it also depends on how you do business. It’s vital to be honest and transparent with potential customers. You also need to prove you are compliant with regulations, are up to speed with data protection and ethical across all aspects of your business. Here’s how you can build a brand customers will trust.

Be transparent

One of the most important tips entrepreneurs will give to those starting a business is to be transparent. This means being clear and honest about all pricing and processes. Don’t try to get away with hidden fees in the small print and ensure your customers are informed of their rights. Be upfront about your supply chain as well. Stay in touch with your customers to keep them up to date with any progress relating to delivery times or project deadlines, for example.

It’s also essential to be straightforward about your marketing efforts. Many businesses use social media influencers to spread the word about their product or service. So, knowing where to find influencers on social media that will add value to your brand is essential. There is a push across all platforms to make it clear when an ad is an ad. Because of this, you must make this clear at the start of any social media post. In doing so, you’ll show followers and customers that you and your influencer are being genuine.

Be consistent

Don’t neglect the importance of brand consistency. If you send mixed messages about your brand image this will confuse potential customers. It will also reduce your credibility. Maintain brand consistency throughout all your marketing material, including your website, social media, ads, email marketing, and in-store branding. Try to reflect the same personality of your brand throughout, reinforcing your mission and values.

Be compliant

Ensure you are compliant with all regulations relating to your sector. The best way to do this is by enlisting the help of consultancy services. Choose consultants that are experts in your field, for example, Tracy Eberly of Fang Consulting if your business is related to the healthcare industry or firms that specialize in the type of products or services you offer. 

Be recommended

Client testimonials are very useful if you’re looking to build trust in your brand. You can use the latest customer feedback tools and post reviews on your website. Start a referral program that incentivizes previous satisfied customers to recommend you to a friend. You could set this up with a call-to-action on social media, email marketing, or on your website. Offer a discount in exchange for recommending your brand. Consumers are more likely to choose a brand if it’s been recommended by someone they can trust. You could also consider working with influencers or respected people in the field who can endorse your brand.

Be ethical

Aim to promote the most ethical aspects of your business. These could include sourcing sustainable materials, ethical marketing practices, and fair trade. Also, consider boosting your corporate social responsibility (CSR) by affiliating yourself with a non-profit or giving back to the community in some way. Look for a cause that aligns with the values of your target audience, whether it has an environmental or humanitarian focus. Posting about your efforts on social media will also boost your reputation. If you prove your values as a company you will create more trust for your brand.

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