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Becoming a mother can be a joyous experience. And as you prepare for your little bundle of joy, there are numerous choices to consider. Here are some great options to think about while planning for this life-changing moment.

Preparing Your Nursery

One of the best parts of having a new baby is putting together the nursery. As you commence your decorating, it is vital that you remember to stock a few key items in preparation for bringing home your new baby.

Having a rocking chair is easily the best piece of furniture any new mother can have. You will spend hours in this chair feeding and rocking your baby to sleep. There are several choices on the market that range from traditional rocking chairs to gliders. Take some time to review multiple options. Also, be sure to go to stores to sit in your final selection. You will want to confirm that your chair is comfortable and can withstand several hours of daily use.

Diapers are also another staple often forgotten. Make sure you have at least a couple of packs of diapers that range in size from newborn to size one. This will help ensure that you have the right size diapers for your baby. And while you should get diapers, be careful not to buy too many. This may result in having too many diapers in the wrong size that you will not be able to use.

And do not forget to include diaper rash cream and bath time essentials when you get your diapers. Having these items on hand will help to make the first few weeks after having your baby go more smoothly. It can also help prevent late-night frazzled convenience store runs. It can even help to have a checklist like this one to prepare for your baby.

What is Best: Breastfeeding or Bottle Feeding?

Deciding about breastfeeding can be one of the most challenging decisions to make. While we know that experts agree that Breastfeeding is best, bottle feeding can be the most convenient.

Know that you need not choose between the two options. Instead, you can enjoy the best of both worlds by choosing to do both. Many moms breastfeed their newborns and also pump breast milk to make feeding time easier. This might even be the best choice for you if you work outside of the home or would like to include other relatives in the feeding process.

To both breastfeed and bottle feed, you will need to find a reliable and top-quality breast pump. But breast pumps can be expensive. However, there is no need to worry. Many health insurance companies can help offset the cost of buying a breast pump. Some will even provide one free of charge to you and your new little bundle of joy. Do your best to find a notable health insurance plan. For example, Breast Pump coverage with TRICARE can be an exceptional choice as it offers new moms one-stop shopping for their breastfeeding needs. Some of these companies even cover compression and recovery garments for free.


Finding the right daycare provider can make all the difference in ensuring that you can smoothly transition into new motherhood. Whether you are going back to work full-time, or are looking for additional childcare support, choosing a daycare you can trust can be tedious. In addition to talking to friends and family members about their recommendations and experiences, think about what you are looking for in a daycare. Are you looking primarily for a babysitter for one-on-one playtime? Or are you interested in having your child have time with other children? How much can you afford to spend on childcare each month? Once you have come to a decision, put your plan into action looking for the right childcare option.

If you ultimately decide you would rather stay home with your baby, bringing in extra money might be a top issue for you. Starting your own at-home daycare has afforded many new moms the ability to stay home and bring in much-needed income. Just make sure to check your city and state’s regulations to secure the required permits to operate legally.


You now have even more to think about as you prepare for your new child. With this guide for new baby essentials, you are well on your way to being fully prepared for motherhood.