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If you don’t have much artwork in your home, you’re not experiencing the joys that art brings to life. Just as a plant in the home provides a broad range of health benefits, artwork benefits the spirit and heart. When you consider the following advantages that artwork brings to one’s life, you’ll be sure to add more art to the decor in your home.

Express Yourself Through Art

One of the greatest advantages to buying art for your home is that it helps you express your interests or values. You can see this in visiting the home of someone who is deeply religious. You’ll likely find paintings of spiritual leaders or depictions of religious significance in their homes. If you’re not religious, a painting of a boat at sea can indicate your love for the ocean, or a sculpture of Leonardo da Vinci might indicate a passion for history. 

There are no rules for what type of art you can display in your own home, so you can choose any art that speaks to your sense of self. Through your choices in art, your guests will come to know you better.

Stir the Emotions of Your Guests

You can also use art to stir the emotions of all who enter your home by choosing scenes or other images that touch the heart. For example, you might shop for urban art for sale if you want to draw attention to the experience of city living. An image that captures the isolation of a late-night subway ride will evoke different emotions from which the panoramic view of the city at sunset would inspire. 

There are also scenes that can mean something different to each person by reigniting memories from the past. A painting of a mother holding her daughter might remind one person of a parent they lost, while another individual might be reminded of her love for her own daughter.

Encourage Meaningful Conversation

While it’s said that people are social animals, there’s no denying that most conversations experience awkward silences as the parties involved try to think of something to say. Artwork can serve as a catalyst, providing the subject matter for a new and meaningful discussion. Even the image of the sun setting over the horizon may be enough to jumpstart a conversation about the environment, space exploration, or any number of topics. 

If it’s a painting rather than a photograph, your guest might be interested in learning more about the artist. Any of these topics or others can lead you and your guests into inspiring conversations about topics you might not have otherwise considered.

Create a Focal Point

In designing the layout of a room, it can be difficult to know where to center your furniture. Should it be set askew to the main entrance, or should the focal point be the bay window that looks out on your yard? When you introduce a poster, painting, or sculpture, that piece of artwork can serve as the focal point, providing a center around which you’ll arrange all of the furnishings in your room. 

Your art can help you set the mood or theme for the room as you use it to offset the furnishings around it. This is especially helpful if there isn’t a natural focal point, such as a bay window or a fireplace. Instead, you can use a favorite piece of art as the room’s centerpiece.

Add Depth to Any Room

If you occupy a smaller living space, your appreciation for art can be used to create the illusion of depth by introducing new vistas. A photograph or painting of a mountain, sea, or city can make a room seem larger by comparison. Additionally, you can choose a painting that uses a color scheme that either compliments or contrasts the theme of the room. 

A bolder color scheme can draw attention away from the diminished size of the room, while a similar color palette will blend in with the rest of the decor to broaden the feel of the room. Your personal taste will influence how you use the artwork, but either strategy can help guests feel less confined in a smaller space.

When you’re ready to introduce more art into your home, your next step is to find artwork that appeals to you. To find art, you can shop online, watch for local exhibits, or seek out artists in your own neighborhood. While some art provides monetary value, all art enhances the wealth of the spirit.