5 Things Every Pet Parent Needs to Have ASAP

Being a pet parent comes with a lot of joys, but it also comes with a few obstacles. The good thing is there are enough gadgets and tools to make your life a little easier. The following are five things every pet parent should have.

1. Pet Video Monitor

The reality is you’re going to have to leave your furry loved one at some point. Your pet is going to be left home all alone, and you won’t know what’s going on. Well, that’s something you no longer have to worry about if you invest in a pet video monitor.

These little devices connect to your smartphone and allow you to see your pet whenever you want. You can talk to your pet if you need to as well. Depending on the device you invest in, you’ll have even more perks, like being able to play laser with your cat or give your dog a few treats throughout the day with the touch of a button.

2. Better Designed Waste Tool

Waste is something all pet parents have to deal with one way or another. There are modern tools to help you manage your pet’s waste a little better. For cats, you can opt for a more modern cat litter box that’s designed specifically for cats.

Dogs can’t get in there to mess with anything, which is a plus. These top entry litter boxes also prevent your cat from leaving behind a litter trail as they walk away. For dogs, you could invest in a self-cleaning pad that automatically seals what your dog leaves behind. The device leaves a fresh pad that can be used next time and helps keep your home smelling fresh.

3. A Smarter Pet Door

Letting your pet in and out of your home is something most parents like to do, but there are hiccups. Those pet doors can let in other animals that you don’t want in your house. This is one reason some pet parents don’t install a pet door, but you can rest easy now with a smart pet door.

These doors only open for your pet. The smart pet door can recognize your pet because he or she will wear a special device on a collar that the pet door recognizes. You’ll be giving your pet all the freedom your furry friend deserves without worrying about uninvited guests.

4. Fun Toy For Your Pet

Every pet parent loves to give their pets something to play with, but a smart ball is the kind of toy you never thought you could give to your pet. Both cats and dogs can have all the fun they want with this little toy, and you get to control it with your phone. Yes, this does mean you can turn on the ball from anywhere you want even if you aren’t home.

The ball has a camera that lets you experience your pet in a way that you haven’t before. To charge the ball, all you need to do is place it on a wireless docking where you’ll get it ready for another play session with your pet. This may be a costly little toy, but it’s one you won’t regret buying after seeing all the fun your pet is going to have.

5. Smart Pet Tracker

Pets love to be free, but sometimes, they take things a little too far. For this reason, it’s a good idea to invest in a good pet tracker. These devices are in the pet’s collar and allow you to track your pet if they don’t return home.

The battery lasts several days, but each brand is different, so pay attention to that before purchasing. Hopefully, you never have to use the pet tracker, but having it for your pet gives you peace of mind. Make sure you charge the collar often so that it’s always charged, just in case you need it.

Having these tools and devices should make a life for you and your pet much better. Check them out and see which one will best fit your lifestyle, and always keep a lookout to see what other pet-friendly gadgets are introduced.