5 Things Every Active Hiker Needs to Know

Hiking is one way to get outdoors and spend time with nature. It’s a great activity to spend with friends and family. There is so much to see while hiking: mountains, trails, rivers, waterfalls, and more. The best time to go hiking is in the spring or summer. In the spring, all the leaves and flowers are starting to bloom and it’s a great time to see nature coming alive. In the summer, the weather is fantastic. Hiking is good to do in a group so that all the hikers can stay together and stay safe. Before hiking, there are a few tips and facts to know about prior to starting a hiking adventure.

Before You Go Hiking

Before the hiking adventure starts, it’s important to follow these few tips. The first tip is to test your gear. Do a trial run of everything you have, whether that is fire sticks, your pack, or your shoes. Make sure to do the trial run in a safe environment. The next tip is to share your plans. Tell your friends and family where you will be, especially if you’re hiking alone. Also, set a time limit so that if you’re not back in time, a friend or relative can send help.

Tips and Tricks of Hiking

The third tip is to not wear anything cotton. If you wear cotton, try to wear durable material over it such as wool just in case it rains. The fourth tip is to stock up on food and water. One tip is to keep in mind is one pint of water for every two hours or four miles. The last tip to know before hiking is to mind your manners on the trails. Don’t litter and be mindful of the other hikers going past you.

The first thing every hiker should know is to have hiking buddies with you. Whether it’s friends or family, hike with people that you trust. A hiking group is more fun, and it’s a lot safer than hiking all alone. If someone gets hurt, you can help each other. Also, the wildlife stays away from groups rather than if you’re alone. An ideal group is at least four people. Larger hiking groups may be too loud and noisy, and also hard to keep track of everyone. 10-12 people would be the max for hiking groups. For more fun, add some custom outdoor stickers to your favorite water bottle or car window.

Outdoor Fun

The second thing hikers should know is to do research on trail options. Some trails are more difficult than others, so if you’re a beginner it might be best to choose an easy short trail. There are different ways to look online and see what trails are the best option. Trail websites, social media, blogs, and park websites are good resources. Some things to keep in mind while searching is the level of difficulty, the distance, and elevation. For beginners, it’s best to work your way up. Once you are more comfortable, then you can try hiking on trails with hills and waterfalls.

Timing and Sunsets

The third thing hikers should keep in mind is keeping track of time. Most hikers lose track of time because of the beautiful scenery and nature. Some might lose track of time with everything they want to sightsee. Accidents can occur if you’re hiking at night or rushing through your trail. While researching various trails to hike, look for the timing, and see how long it takes an average person to hike that specific trail. Add in extra time for pictures and sightseeing, and also in case, there are any injuries or accidents. Look up when the sun sets in your area so that you’re not hiking in the dark.

Rules of Hiking

The fourth thing hikers should know is to read the local regulations. Many hiking trails have rules and regulations such as rules on pets or wildlife. This is to ensure that all hikers have a good experience. Campfires may or may not be allowed and various in each park. The last tip is to check the trail conditions. You can do this by looking at the websites of the trails, blogs, or social media. It’s good to plan ahead and be prepared for any incident. This ensures a higher possibility of staying safe and avoiding getting lost.

Hiking can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to be prepared. By following all the tips and guidelines, your hiking experience will be unforgettable. Be prepared for any accidents, injuries, or wildlife. Wear something comfortable and that is suitable for any weather condition. Take lots of pictures for family and friendship memories, and don’t forget to have fun!

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