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Whether you’re heading out on a first date, going for an interview, catching up with friends, or want a confidence booster, there are all kinds of reasons why millions of us wear heels. While they make us appear more feminine and symbolize power, we forget about the heel pain that can stop us in our tracks. Pain and discomfort are never pleasant, so here is a guide on how to wear high heels without dying.

Wear the Correct Size

While it may seem like an obvious tip, you will be surprised at how many women wear the wrong sized heel, and the consequences of doing so are not very pretty. Bunions, blisters, and corns can occur from the constant rubbing and your joints in your feet can become irritated and even lead to arthritis. Therefore, you must wear the correct size. You must remember, feet usually swell for an extended period when wearing heels, so if your heels feel very snug initially, they’re likely to cause pain and discomfort after a couple of hours. 

Start Small

If you’re new to heels, it’s best to begin by wearing a pair of kitten heels before working your way up. While your eyes may be drawn to 5-inch stilettos, not only will you experience heel pain from putting a pair on, but your risk of falling over and causing an injury is heightened. Starting off small and wearing a strap will ensure your shoes stay on during the day. As you take baby steps, your confidence will grow, helping you to find a heel that is comfortable to wear. 

Try Platforms

Platform heels are a girl’s best friend. While a thin heel may look appealing, the amount of pressure that is put on your own heel is enormous. However, with a platform, the weight is evenly distributed which will reduce the risk of foot pain once you take them off. There are tons of heels with a bit of a platform that can work well for all kinds of occasions and keep you on-trend in the fashion world.

Take Breaks

Your feet need a breather every now and then, so if you’re wearing heels daily and experiencing excruciating pain, now is the time to take a break. Being on your feet for long periods in a high heel can be uncomfortable, so no matter the reason for wearing heels, make sure you pay close attention and care to your feet.

Invest in Nice Heels

For those of us who buy the cheapest heel on the market, you can’t expect them to be the best. It’s always better to go above your price range and invest in a nice pair of heels that are made from the best material and keep your feet supported. For example, Valentino’s collection of shoes are popular amongst women as they offer both style and comfort. Because the range is so extensive, you’re bound to find something that suits you. 

If worn correctly, high heels can elevate your outfit, boost your confidence, and make you appear taller. Instead of worrying about heel pain at the end of the night, all the tips above can help you pick a pair of heels that exude comfort, support, and style. 

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