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You know that he’s going to propose. You feel it in your bones or you’ve seen the signs, which is great, but are you sure he’s going to get the right ring? The following are five tricks that could help steer him in the right direction.

1. Just Say It

More couples are talking about what they want before the big proposal. Yes, for a long time, people tried to subtly nudge their partners into choosing the right ring, but some couples are just being honest. You two are going to share your lives. The ring is going to cost a significant amount of cash.

In essence, it’s a financial decision, and it’s one that many couples think is best made together rather than alone. Sit down with your partner, and start talking about what you want. You two can make it a project. You’ll both learn about each other’s jewelry taste and much more. Some people might find this strange, but times are changing, and you can use this change in your favor.

2. The Laptop Trick

Okay, so if you’re one of those people who don’t want to bring up the conversation, that’s okay. There are many fun and effective ways to lead your partner in the right direction without having this talk. For example, you can leave your laptop open on the page with some of your favorite rings.

You could leave the exact ring you want or a few you love so that your partner has an opportunity to choose. Consider every detail about the ring you want even the stone type, like you could opt for lab grown diamonds instead of diamonds that might have been sourced inhumanely. This is your ring. You want to make sure it’s a ring you’ll be happy with.

3. Social Media Hint

Everyone is on social media, and everyone scrolls through pictures. You probably could sit down next to your partner and casually go through social media photographs. You can talk to your partner as you browse jewelry posts, telling him what you like or don’t like.

You can also just sit there liking the rings you like and skipping the ones you don’t, hoping that your partner gets the idea. If you can, try to stick to only a few rings. Maybe go through these pictures beforehand so that you only choose a few when you’re sitting next to your partner. Your partner might not be able to remember every single thing you choose unless you are planning to send your partner links to these pictures.

4. Use a Friend or Family Member

This is one of the oldest tricks out there but also one of the most effective. Talk to your partner’s best friends or talk to your friends about what you want. Tell them you think your partner is thinking of proposing but that you want to steer him in the right direction.

Take your friends or family members jewelry shopping with you so that you can find the right ring or a few of them. When your partner asks for their help, they will be ready to offer this help according to your specifications. You won’t know when your partner is going to propose and how he’s going to do it, so the element of surprise is still there.

5. The “What If” Shopping

If you’re the kind of person who loves to play “what if” scenarios, then use this to your advantage. If you’ve never done this before, then start by playing other types of “what if” scenarios so that your partner doesn’t suspect anything when you bring up shopping for a “what if” ring.

Just go to your favorite jeweler or maybe do your shopping online with your partner. Talk about a potential future together and what kind of ring he might get you. He might get a few wrong, but that’s part of the fun. You’ll get to laugh about what he might choose, and he gets to learn more about what you like. This is effective to steer your partner in the right direction.

These are just some tricks you can use to get him to propose with the ring of your dreams. This is an exciting time, and what you’re doing will only help solidify the proposal as one of the best days of your life.