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It’s a struggle keeping all of those children under control. It’s worth it though, isn’t it? Seeing their happy little faces, and hearing their bubbly laughter seems to make the heavy burden of motherhood just disappear. Or at least, it’s supposed to. 

Now more than ever, women are suffering from cases of extreme exhaustion that impact health greatly. This can take much of the joy out of life, and you might not have the energy to help your children live their childhood to the best quality. The stress of the primary caregiver can translate onto their children too, and this can leave a dark stain on their long term memories.

So, we need to take care of ourselves as much as we possibly can to help our children and our future health. So here are four ways to help de-stress you, the tired, hard-working mother, this winter season. De-stressing shouldn’t be a chore – it should be enjoyable!

Number 1- Take up a hobby 

Try crocheting, knitting, or writing to help de-stress after a long day. These pastimes relax anxiety and help people concentrate when the little ones are fast asleep in bed. Listen to music when doing this to help ground yourself in the present. The evidence is clear – it wholeheartedly suggests getting your teeth into a hobby. There’s not much room for creativity and meditation in the world at the moment, so grab the opportunity with both hands!

Number 2- Sleep better

Sleeping better improves concentration and health. It’s proven to improve your mood and your memory, but with all the stresses that motherhood brings, it’s difficult to sleep at night. So you need to find a method that really works for you. Self-hypnosis, CBD oil, such as from, or meditation are honorable mentions and will help you no end.

Number 3- Play more board games

Family time is a great way to wind down and relax. It might get a bit tiring, and the children may get a bit excitable, but it will be well worth it in the end!

Number 4- Use scented candles

The use of scents can calm the brain down. Go and get some of your favorite smells, and get them lit when the children have gone to bed. It’ll calm you down and clear your mind. Accompany using these with a nice, long relaxing bath, as it can help calm your sinuses as the rest of your muscles de-tense in the warm water. 

Remember to always extinguish candles properly and keep them out of the reach and sight of children to prevent any nasty accidents!

So, there you have four tips to help you de-stress this winter season, so you can keep on looking at your child’s happy little smiles, and they can continue to see your happy little smiles too! It will improve you and your child’s well being massively to live in a happier, stress-free atmosphere, and improve their childhood massively.

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