An example of a beautiful porch.

A home’s porch, whether in the front, side, or back, extends living space outdoors for seasonal enjoyment. For most of us, that begins typically when springtime weather turns sunny. During the winter, start planning your porch getaways and gatherings to have everything ready when warm temperatures arrive.

Repair or Replace Worn Areas

Look for damaged areas that need attention. Small areas of splintering wood or chipped stone can possibly be repaired. Replace deteriorating boards or broken handrails to maintain safety and visual appeal. Serious damage can be replaced with new products and treated for mold prevention as well as painted to match the existing structures.

Clean the Furniture

Use a rust removal product to clean porch furniture with metal frames or parts. Repair torn or faded fabrics if needed. You could buy new toss pillows for a fresh look. Add an indoor-outdoor rug or carpet to help catch mud or dust tracked in on people’s shoes.

A blanket or quilt for chilly evenings can add a colorful and cozy décor piece to be used as needed.

Update the Lighting

Have the electric checked if you plan to use plug-in devices like lamps or an electric-powered grill. Add a dedicated line if needed. You may want to hang decorative white lights or colored mini-lights for festive outside celebrations over the summer. Clean the windows and consider installing awnings for shade on hot days and to help protect the windows from dirt and wind. Ground solar lights can light the sidewalk leading to the porch or provide decorative accents when placed around the porch.

Pot Some Plants

Start buying seeds for plants along with decorative pots, potting soil, and other gardening supplies. Start seedlings early and let them grow to be ready for the porch when the time is right. Hanging plants are a nice addition to add color and fragrance to your outdoor solitude time and gatherings with friends and family.

Add Storage

Depending on your climate, you might set up some bookshelves or cubbies for books, music CD’s, or magazines for leisure time. Movable shelves that fit in available space are great for storing games, cards, and sports gear for outdoor fun.

Make the most of your porch next season by preparing ahead of time. Then you will be ready to enjoy your outdoor space when the weather becomes welcoming. Use your favorite colors and styles to make your porch even more fun.