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By nature, charismatic people are outgoing, confident, and very likable. They also tend to be good at influencing others. These unique characteristics can be helpful in the workplace. Some jobs are more suitable for charismatic individuals than others. If you possess these traits, here are some careers you may want to consider:

1. Radio, Television, or Online Host

Charismatic people have a way of using their voice to build relationships with others. For this reason, they tend to make excellent radio and television announcers. These jobs let you speak your mind and influence an audience. You should also consider starting a YouTube channel or hosting a podcast. Once you build a following, it’s possible to monetize these channels and earn a living. Starting a podcast isn’t very difficult either. All you need is an interesting topic to discuss and to find a company that offers Podcast Hosting & Distribution.

2. Actor

Do you like entertaining others? People who are charismatic often enjoy being on the big stage. They usually succeed in the performing arts, including theater, movies, and television. Not only do they have a knack for portraying different characters, but they also collaborate well with fellow artists. Acting is a competitive career; one study showed only 2-percent of actors earn a full-time living from the profession. Furthermore, those who make it big need to be comfortable interacting with the public. If you enjoy being the center of attention and like a challenge, then this may be the right career for you.

3. Athletic Coaches

Anyone who played sports probably remembers their coach as an outgoing, highly positive individual. The most successful coaches are also very charismatic. In order to win a championship, you have to be able to encourage and motivate a team to work together. Coaches much teach the game and develop playing strategies. They must also be able to work alongside other teams and interact with parents. It’s possible to find employment at a primary school, university, or private athletic organization.

4. School Administrator

Running a school requires more than just know-how, experience, and a master’s degree. You also need to be able to build relationships with students, teachers, staff, and parents. The best school administrators manage the daily activities on campus, and they guide their teachers throughout professional development opportunities.Great principals can even relate to the needs and concerns of students. Having a charismatic personality will help you succeed in every aspect of this rewarding career.

5. CEO

How does the board of directors select its next CEO? They tend to look for a charismatic person who knows how to motivate and drive an organization towards a common goal. These individuals act as the face of a company, and they often make public appearances. In addition to having a mesmerizing personality, chief executives must also have superior problem-solving skills and be willing to work with others. Most chief executives have completed college. However, some start at the bottom of a company and slowly work their way to the top.

Put Your Charming Personality to Good Use

Not everyone is charismatic. Some people prefer to stay out of the spotlight, and others think more analytically. Having a lot of charisma puts you at an advantage when it comes to finding a job. Your unique personality will help you qualify for a variety of exciting careers. Whether you want to be on stage, make your voice heard, coach others, inspire students, or run an organization, being charismatic will ensure you succeed.