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Throwing an unforgettable corporate event can be a huge challenge to accomplish but worthwhile if done right. Attendees of the event won’t forget your company if you manage to throw an amazing event.

When planning to host a corporate event, thorough preparation is required to make the occasion successful. Every corporate event organized by a company aims at conveying a message that leaves guests inspired to take action. However, not all corporate events end up successful. Some make guests fall asleep due to boredom resulting from monotonous presentations.

So, what does it take to throw a memorable corporate event? Here are 4 tips to help you plan an event that your guests won’t forget.

Select the Right Venue for the Event

Venue selection is one of the most important aspects when planning a corporate event. Since most businesses also plan for their corporate events, chances are you will be competing for the same venues. Ensure that you make early reservations to secure your venue to avoid last-minute disappointments. Besides, you should ensure the venue you pick has ample parking space for your guests. Important aspects to check when selecting a venue include:

  • Avoid a venue that is too big. Find a venue that is not too big for the event you intend to host. If your corporate event appears to have unoccupied space, guests may perceive it to be a failure. Therefore, choose a venue that will accommodate guests without leaving much space.
  • Avoid a venue that is too small. Choose a venue that is not too small to accommodate the number of guests you invited. A small venue can make any event look and feel constricted.
  • Avoid venues that are not easily accessible. Guests may deliberately skip attending your event if they find it difficult to access the venue or get ample parking space. Thus, ensure you pick a venue that attendees can access and get ample parking space.

Create a Detailed Budget for Your Corporate Event

You should start planning for a corporate event by creating a detailed budget and adhere to it. Your budget should cover important aspects of the event like food, venue reservation, entertainment rentals, and staffing. An insufficient budget can result in poor funding for your corporate event. You should avoid some of the common mistakes event planners make regarding budgets. These mistakes include:

  • Failing to create an emergency fund that can cater for unanticipated expenses in case they arise. You should set aside an emergency fund of between 10 and 15% of the overall budget.
  • Not considering currency fluctuations when creating a budget for your corporate event. Ensure you consider the period when the corporate event takes place and the prevailing economic conditions when creating the budget.
  • Omitting some items in the budget. For instance, failure to take account of transportation and tax expenses.

Therefore, you should create a detailed budget for your event and ensure you include all aspects.

Manage and Promote Your Corporate Event with Mobile Technology

You can promote and manage your corporate event effectively by leveraging technology. For instance, you can use event planning apps or social media platforms to keep guests and staff updated.

According to a survey by CrowdCompass, nearly half of the individuals taking part in corporate events use mobile event apps. Such apps normally contain event schedules, descriptions of event activities, and details about venues.

Besides, a few of the mobile event apps have interactive features such as real-time surveys. These features allow event planners to collect real-time views from guests and other stakeholders. Collection of views helps event planners to improve the event, thus making it acceptable for all participants.

Giving Out Useful Post-Event Gifts

As a corporate event planner, you should consider including several useful materials as gifts to your guests. Giving guests such gifts helps the host of the event to momentarily-recapture the mood of the event once they get home.

The materials that event planners can deem useful for guests are dependent on the type of corporate event hosted. Videos of the occasion and contact lists are examples of materials you can offer as post-event gifts. Thus, offering useful materials can help you make your corporate event memorable even after the guests leave the venue.

Concluding Remarks

Throwing a memorable corporate event is a daunting task. Event planners have to be creative and innovative to plan successful events. You should select the right venue, create a detailed budget, and promote the event using technology. Besides, you can give out useful post-event gifts to make the event memorable. Ultimately, following these tips will help you throw an unforgettable corporate event.

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