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Finding the right gift for that loved one who likes to make a fashion statement is tough this year! First of all, people are staying at home, so they need something stylish to wear while sheltering in place. Secondly, it’s cold! Finally, everyone needs a bit of privacy they can take with them. Luckily, the gifts listed below will all work for your favorite fashion icon.

Fight the Cold

If your favorite fashion icon loves their puffy coat, treat them to a puffy scarf. The Steven Alan line of padded scarves will function as a tiny sleeping bag around the neck of your loved one, fluffy, warm, and snuggly. It’s available in black or check, or coral and check. You can use it to cover your ears or just keep your neck warm. No matter your need, this scarf offers a lot of flexibility.

This scarf is mostly down but is wrapped in a cotton and nylon blend. If you need to wash it, make sure to keep the temperature low and puff it up in the dryer with wool balls or some tennis balls to prevent moisture from building up in the down. Properly washed and dried, this tiny little neck quilt will keep your warm on the worst days.

A Little Black Dress

A classic black dress will always be in style, so why not treat your favorite fashionista to a boho sweater dress as the temperature drops? These dresses are available in more colors than black, but the elegant sweater styling is consistent.

Most of these dresses are very easy to care for; just wash on cold in the gentle cycle and tumble dry on low to get most of the water out before drying it flat. Never hang a sweater dress for the long term, and particularly avoid hanging a sweater dress when it’s wet. The shoulders and bodice will stretch out and be almost impossible to reshape.

Take care also to never dry a sweater dress or a fine sweater until all the water has been pulled out. You risk fabric damage and shrinking.

These pretty dresses are crying out for a simple but elegant piece of jewelry. Treat your fashion icon to a pretty pendant that they can layer, or include a patterned scarf to highlight their face and boost warmth.

Finally, don’t forget their feet. These boho sweater dresses will go with comfy ankle boots or a tall boot with a high heel. As the temperatures warm up, pair this dress with pumps or blocky sandals to highlight the smooth curves of the dress.

Earmuffs and Music

If your recipient needs a little fur to keep her warm, consider the Gucci rabbit fur and leather earmuffs that also will camouflage stereo headphones. Whether your favorite fashionista is rocking out, enjoying some classical holiday music, or digging into a great audiobook, her ears will be warm and your gift will keep her secret.

To enhance the look of these pretty ear coverings, add a PAROSH fur scarf that can be worn over a sweater or a heavy wool coat. These pretty shawls are made of dyed goat fur and have a pretty bow at the center. No matter the temp, a fur scarf will turn an ordinary winter day into something soft, snuggly, and thoughtful.

Silk PJ’s

While they shelter in place, they can shelter in style in Olivia von Halle silk pajamas. Warm peach pajamas decorated with black and white zebras make these pajamas deliciously comfy and eye-catching fun.

These pretty pj’s are tailored like a man’s pajamas with neat white piping around the collar, along the placket, and at the wrists and ankles. The waistband of the trousers is a silk drawstring. To keep these pj’s looking beautiful, they’ll need to be hand washed.

The year 2020 has not been an easy one, so your gift-giving choice can mean a great deal. If your favorite fashion icon needs to get out in the weather, the scarf and the earmuffs will both work, and the black fur shawl will dress up an ordinary winter coat for a night on the town. The boho sweater dress really needs to go to a party, and the silk pajamas mean the party can stay home. Happy holidays!

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