An injury can happen in the blink of an eye. One moment everything is fine, the next you’re on the floor with pain shooting through your body. Injuries happen in all walks of life: you can get hurt while playing a sport, slip over in a shop, or be involved in a car accident. Regardless, there are certain things you should do after your injury. Today, I’m going to talk about what NOT to do following your incident. These are also seen as common things people do that they really shouldn’t!

Don’t avoid seeing a doctor

If you get injured, your inclination might be to avoid seeing a doctor. You either do this because you can’t be bothered, you don’t think the injury is that serious, or you’re afraid to go. Either way, seeing a doctor is essential to understand the extent of the injury. Worst-case scenario, you find out you have a terrible injury, but at least you can get treated for it. Best-case scenario, you’ve wasted some time, but you have clarity that the injury isn’t serious. 

Don’t forget to pursue legal options

No matter how you got injured, it’s always worth checking your legal options. The only time this doesn’t make sense is if the injury was entirely your fault. For example, you were putting Christmas lights on your house and fell off the roof. As bad as the injury may be, nobody else is really at fault for it – you did it to yourself! But, in other cases, you should contact a lawyer just in case you can make a claim. Why should you do this? Well, injuries can be expensive as you have so many medical costs to consider. With legal action, you get the compensation that covers all these costs, including medical transport to and from the hospital. So, while your injury still exists, at least you only suffer physically instead of financially. 

Don’t ignore the injury

Another common problem is when people ignore the injury. This coincides with the first point, and it’s even worse if you go to the hospital, receive a diagnosis, but ignore it. Typically, men are most likely to do this as they see injuries as a sign of weakness. They want to power through and act like it doesn’t bother them. If you ignore an injury, it will never heal. Do what you can to recover and prevent further injuries from happening. 

Don’t rely on pain medication

Whatever you do, don’t use pain medication as the primary way of treating the injury. If the pain is severe, some medication can help ease these feelings. However, topical gels or creams are usually better options. If you start relying on the medication, you can soon develop an addiction to the drugs. Plus, you don’t really address the cause of the injury, so the pain never goes away. You’re stuck in an endless cycle of taking drugs for your pain forever. 

We ended on a bit of a dark note, but it’s something you definitely need to be wary of. So, if you or a loved one suffers an injury, these are the things you shouldn’t do!

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  1. After surviving a car crash, you must see a doctor right away to assess your injuries. It is not uncommon for back and neck injuries to worsen over several days, so even if you feel fine, you should still seek medical attention for your health interest and well-being.

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