We all know that recycling is good for the planet and it can help reduce pollution, preserve our resources, and lessen the effect of greenhouse gas emissions, but did you know recycling is also good for your business? There are many benefits that recycling can have on your business. So if you haven’t got a recycling program in place, here are a few reasons why you may want to change your mind. 

Save your business money

The first benefit of implementing a business recycling program is that it can help save you money in the long run, and who doesn’t want to try and save on costs. Recycling is a simple way to improve your bottom line. For example, encouraging recycling within your business means custodial staff won’t have to collect each employee’s waste, giving them more time to complete other tasks around the business. The funds that your company saves could then be spent on other areas of the business. 

Make your business money

Making sustainable choices can pay off and even earn your business some money back by selling recyclable waste. There are companies like Gfcommodities.com who pay businesses for used vegetable oil so places like food processing plants or commercial kitchens can help the environment by disposing of their oils correctly but also make money at the same time. 

Improve your company image

More and more people are growing concerned about the environment, and consumers are more inclined to want to spend their money on companies that are sustainable. So by recycling and looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint will positively impact your business and do wonders for your brand’s reputation. Show your customers you care about the environment and try to get them involved as much as you can.

Boost staff morale

When you recycle it not only makes consumers feel better about doing business with your company, but it will also make your employees feel proud to work for a company that is trying to do their bit for the environment. Employees are likely to recycle at home and will want to do the same when they are at work. It shows that you share the same values, which is only a positive thing. Being a company that promotes recycling can also be encouraging for potential new employees, helping your business attract higher-quality candidates. 

Protect the environment

When businesses and individuals decide to recycle, it has huge benefits for the environment. It takes less energy to recycle than it does to produce new materials. Landfills are filled up with items that can easily be recycled, like rubber, plastic, and cardboard. Recycling these materials can decrease the gases that are emitted from landfills. If you have old electronics that you no longer use or need, you should recycle these to prevent harmful chemicals from leaking into the atmosphere, or if they are sent to a landfill they can leak into the water supply.

How to set up a recycling program

With these five reasons why your business should recycle, there’s no excuse not to have a good, recycling program in the workplace. Here’s how you can set up a business recycling program. 

Conduct a waste audit

It’s important to know how much waste your business has so you know where you need to improve. Work out how much waste there is by each department. To make this easier, if you have a custodian for the office you can have them set aside the trash one day. Weigh each trash bag and record this, taking note of what is in each one and what percentage of that is recyclable. 

Find a waste contractor

Get in touch with a local waste contractor, who will come to collect your recycling and take it to a recycling facility. You may need to speak to your property management company as they may already have a waste contractor in place. The waste contractor will let you know what materials can and can’t be recycled. 

Inform your employees

Let your staff know about the new recycling program your business has in place, by putting signs up around the workplace or emailing people to inform them. Make sure you have enough recycling bins around the workplace to help make the program as easy as possible and that all employees have easy access to one. Staff are more likely to follow the program if it’s made simpler for them. 

When the program has been in place for a few months, consider doing another audit to check on the progress your business has made since implementing the recycling program.