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If you are keen to seek a promotion but you are wondering if this is possible during a global pandemic, don’t let the current economic stability in the world put you off. At the very least, you can attempt to apply for the positions that you like the look of. If people are placing job adverts on LinkedIn, this means that there are positions to fill. And who says that one of these fine successful candidates can’t be you? Take a look at these sure fire ways to maximize your chances of achieving a promotion.

Look Within

Often, we assume that we need to look elsewhere to secure a promotion. If jobs have come up within your current company but you have always been passed over, this could have something to do with your lack of willingness to put yourself forward and be confident rather than not being good enough to climb the next rung on your career ladder. Ask for more responsibility and tell your employer that you will be looking for other opportunities. It’s not unheard of for companies to realize the asset they have in an employee and craft a newly promoted role especially for them. Show your willingness to work hard, be productive, and be open with your boss. You never know what doors may suddenly open.


If you want to reach the upper levels of senior management consider a cheap and no GMAT needed online MBA. You no longer need the first class honors degree to complete these industry standard senior management business administration qualifications. Yes, they may take time to complete, but doing it online while still in your current role earning a wage can empower you to then take the next step and seek a promotion. Upskilling is crucial if your resume is looking a little sparse. You need to show any potential new employer that you are willing to go the extra mile, learn new skills, and develop over time. Your resume needs to show off your skill set, your personality, and your work ethic.


When you make applications for more senior roles, ensure that you have bespoke cover letters and tweaked resumes for everyone. A generic template cover letter can be spotted from a mile away. You need to address a named individual within a company and show what you can bring to their business rather than waffle on about how great they will be for you. Quantify your achievements using financial figures and show off any cultural benefits your action have had. You need to demonstrate how great you are as a candidate and what an asset you will be for anyone who hires you. For those companies that require managers with leadership capabilities, you need to show your people management skills and be willing to do a presentation or in-tray exercise as part of your interview. 

Seeking a promotion at any time is tough, but now even more so with a global pandemic affecting the job market. Follow this guide and you can achieve the promotion you deserve.

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