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When it comes to your business, there may come a time where you have to hire staff members, and they become an integral part of the business. You need extra hands for your business sometimes in order to build on the success that you hope to achieve during the company’s lifespan. With this being said, here are four important job roles in recruiting for your business.

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A Bookkeeper/Accountant

Managing the finances isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and so it’s important to sometimes find someone who can do it all for you. Managing your accounts could be a full charge bookkeeper salary that you have to factor in, so it’s worth making sure you can afford to take on this member of staff at the right time. However, this role is one that you’ll certainly come to appreciate pretty quickly as they can guide you through the right financial decisions in order to make your business as successful as possible. They can also be assisting with your tax requirements and anything that needs to get paid and when. This can be particularly important so that you don’t land yourself into any trouble or that you don’t end up paying too much or too little.

HR Manager

Keeping an eye on your employees whilst also making sure you do and say the right thing can be a challenge. A HR manager is a needed addition to your team as they’ll work for the company but be the liaison between your other staff and you as the employer. It’s important that you have all the necessary procedures and operations in place that protect your employee’s rights but also protect you as a business. Along with any legal support, your HR manager will be able to provide all of this assistance where necessary.

Operations/Buildings Manager

With any building, there comes a certain amount of management needed. One thing that’s also needed is the organization’s inner workings. This is the day to day opening and closing of the building, plus any technology or building type issues that crop up by surprise. The operations or buildings manager would be responsible for this, and it’s important to have this role in place if you have more than just you and someone else in the office.


Although a lot of positions can be outsourced, branding is very important. It’s something that is going to remain consistent throughout your business, and so it’s good to have someone who can get creative in a variety of ways. From making you a website to the creation of all your marketing materials, a designer might certainly be something that’s needed within your business. Designers can tend to cost quite a bit of money, and so it’s important to have one in-house that will be able to get everything you need done for a lot less.

These job roles are all essential when building up a business, so if you’ve not already fulfilled them, now is the right time to do so.

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