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With more time being spent at home, there’s never been a better opportunity to deep clean your property from top to bottom. Every now and then it’s vital that you can take part in a detailed clean that covers every aspect of your property, as this can help to reduce bacteria, pests and foul smells that can build up over time. General surface cleaning doesn’t always cover the hard-to-reach or unseen areas, so you must deep clean if you want to maintain a hygienic home! Luckily it couldn’t be easier to complete such a task, as there are a few key areas in which you can focus your efforts to totally transform your property in no time at all. So, if you would like to find out more, then read on to uncover some of the best tips and tricks that you can make the most of today! 

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Cleaning Your Bathroom Properly

The best place to start your deep cleaning journey is your bathroom, as it can be a terrifying bacteria fest if you fail to keep on top of things. The main feature inside your bathroom that requires a lot of attention is your toilet, as germs can hide in many different places besides the seat and visible bowl area. Scrubbing with bleach and a toilet brush is just the start, as you need to utilise a high strength cleaning chemical to wipe down the entire toilet from top to bottom (including the back and base). To maintain freshness, it’s a good idea to install a specially created scented toilet rim attachment that releases cleaning chemicals each time you flush. Your shower or bath should be the next focus of your attention, as excess soap, dirt, hair and lots of other grime can build up and harden over time. There are many limescale fighting bathroom sprays which you can leave on for 5 minutes or more before wiping off, many of which are extremely effective in removing shower dirt and stains without too much hassle. Simply using an antibacterial wipe to clean your toilet and shower really isn’t enough! 

Washing Bed Sheets, Sofa Covers & Other Material Items 

Many people fail to wash their bed sheets and other material items such as pillow and sofa covers on a regular enough basis to maintain good hygiene levels. Unless you take a shower before bed you take all of your days dirt and grime in with you, then you may sweat or release other odors during the night too. As a result, you should wash your bed sheets at least once every 2 weeks to avoid having to call up a bed bug exterminator to rid your home of pests when they infest what should be your private sanctuary.

Sofa and pillow covers rarely get washed due to their apparent difficulty, but you can easily hand wash these items or take them to a specialist dry cleaner once a month to maintain freshness. This is especially important if you have pets in your home, as they bring all manner of dirt and grime from outside on their paws and in their fur. 

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