If you have a spare bedroom, you’re likely going to get guests staying over for every holiday and family event whether you intend to or not. While you can technically get away with letting your relatives or friends stay in a cluttered almost-storage room, the kindest thing to do is to make full use of your guest room and make it comfortable. If you’re gearing up to decorate the guest bedroom, consider the following ideas.

Update the Carpet

One guaranteed way to refresh a guest bedroom is to upgrade the carpeting. Older carpeting can be hard to clean and may even smell in some situations. As older carpeting may be difficult to clean, it presents several health risks. If your goal is to have a clean and comfortable guest room, it’s time to update the carpet. Consider shopping at local carpet stores for something that is simple in design, easy to clean, and comfortable on the feet.

Choose a Color Scheme

In your renovation efforts, don’t forget the power of a paint job. Spruce up the walls with a fresh coat of paint. While you can stick to a new coat of the same color, changing the color scheme can recharge any room. The right color scheme will create a unified look throughout the room, making guests feel as though they can relax. While you may be tempted to get extra creative, try to keep the color scheme neutral and calming, such as with beiges, pale blues, or the classic deep reds on white.

Include More Storage

When it comes to guest rooms, there’s no such thing as too much storage. Guests want to feel as though they’re right at home when visiting their loved ones. Make sure your guests feel as though they belong by having plenty of room for storage. Male plans to add in storage where you see fit. From expanding the closet to installing storage under the bed, giving your guests a place to put their luggage, bags, and other belongings is important.

Improved Comfort

Nobody wants to stay in a plain, comfortless room without any proper pillows or chair cushions. Even though your guests will likely bring their own pillows to sleep on, an extra set of cushions and pillows with fresh covers will help make their room a much more welcome place to sleep and spend alone time. This is especially important if you anticipate having guests that stay over for more than just one night.

Guest rooms are spaces that can easily become a mess to keep neat and tidy if not properly managed. If you’d like to give your guest room a makeover, keep this guide in mind. With a little TLC and a few thoughtful additions, your home will be the perfect place to make friends and family alike feel welcome.

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